10 Incredible things to do with your apple watch

Apple watches are renowned for their incredible features, they are trending everywhere today. It is a known fact that the Apple watch provides great notifications options, to track your health and much more. But here is something you probably didn't know it could do these 10 things as well. If you are a new user of the Apple Watch, while you are getting accustomed to your new timepiece, here are ten things you probably didn't know you could do with your Apple Watch:

Things to do with your Apple Watch


  1. Wear your Apple watch upside down
  2. Control your Apple TV from your Apple watch
  3. Set Your Watch Timings Ahead
  4. Share Your Location through iMessage
  5. Set a Reminder for When You Get Home
  6. Find Your iPhone
  7. Identify Background Music
  8. Unlock Your Mac with Apple Watch
  9. Take a Photo on your iPhone with Apple Watch
  10. Setup the Dock with your favorites with your Apple Watch


#1. Wear your Apple watch upside down


You might already know this, the most important being that it puts the crown in a much more accessible location that will not accidentally turn up your volume or activate Siri. Just Reverse the Display and Crown.


#2. Your Apple TV from your Apple watch


In this hustle-bustle life, you are more likely to miss place things. Especially the little remotes that Apple ships with the Apple TV and the good news are that you can find it easily with your Apple watch. Your Apple Watch has an exclusive app just for that. Now you can just open the Remote app on your Apple Watch and you can switch and stream your favorite program.


#3. Set Your Watch Timings Ahead


Remember the time when we used analog watches and clocks, we used to set the timings ahead to make sure we are early by a few mins in all works. And it always helps you to get places on time. Now, you can do the same on your Apple Watch. To do this, 


  • Go to the settings app on the watch
  • Select "Clock"
  • Scroll the digital crown 
  • Adjust the time as per your wish


#4. Share your location through iMessage

The Apple Watch might have failed for being the best messenger to send messages, but have you ever tried to let a friend or your special one knows where to meet you, the good news is that your watch makes it easier and simpler for you. From the iMessage conversation, you can simply force touch the display and then select the pin option to send your location. They will receive a message with your location on a map. It will even guide them in directions to your location.

#5. Set a reminder for when you get home


It is no more a secret that Siri and other reminders apps are the best productivity blend on the iPhone and the same is true with your Apple watch. Just raise your wrist with the Apple watch, and say something like "Hey Siri, remind me to water the plants when I get home" and She will remind it of you.


#6. Find your iPhone


The only reason why we often tend to lose our phones is that it isn't tied to us, thank god that the Apple Watch is always tied to our wrist and make it easier for us to find our iPhones. Yes! If you have an Apple Watch, you can 'ping' your iPhone and it will make a tone, helping you figure out where you dropped your phone. To activate this, find your iPhone through Apple watch:


  • Just swipe up from the bottom of the Apple watch face
  • Tap the iPhone icon


#7. Identify Background Music


Shazam is undoubtedly great!! But honestly who needs it when you have Siri with you, who can do the same thing on your Apple Watch, just by raising your watch and asking her "Hey Siri, what song is this?" Shazam was merged into Apple iOS by Apple after acquiring the Shazam company, implying you can get the same result without a separate app for that. By the way, it will also automatically add them to your Shazam library.


#8. Unlock your Mac with Apple Watch


It is pretty fleek to wake up your MacBook Pro and have it unlocked automatically with your Apple Watch. Imagine No password or TouchID required. Well, technically, you have to make sure that you have unlocked your Apple Watch and your MacBook has to be unlocked at least once with your password since it started up. After that, you can just sit down and get to work.


#9. Take a Photo on your iPhone with Apple Watch


Selfies are love, but what if you have to fit more people in one picture. In this case, you would probably set a timer in the camera and keep your iPhone somewhere. This process is made easier and more smooth with your Apple Watch, you can just select the Camera app on your Apple Watch which will open the camera on your iPhone. It will give you a live preview and let you either tap on the camera shutter or set a 3-second timer. You can even review the picture right on your watch.


#10. Setup the Dock with your favorites with Apple Watch


Now you can access the dock directly through your Apple Watch by pressing the side button. Do not get confused with the digital crown. When you do this, it will either pull up your recently used apps or you can prefer to have it pull up a list of favorites. 


To make this change, 

A: Open the Watch app on your Phone

B: Now, Select the "Dock" option and choose the "Favorites" option.

C: You can now edit the list of apps that are being displayed, which is certainly a useful way to have quick access to the apps you use most.

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