10 Successful reasons why MacBooks are better than PC/Laptop

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MacBooks are far better than any other products and devices available all over the world. It has more merits and higher face value than other systems because Apple is the first company that started the computer era. Mac books are higher in cost but if you analyze the cause behind the cost, you can know the worth because it provides you newer seamless user experience. Apple designs its hardware and software hence it is class to choose MacBook over any other laptops. Repair my phone today is the laptop service center specialized MacBook repair service in the UK. They provide all laptop and mobile related services like a mobile screen replacement, battery replacement, software services and much more. In this blog, we are going to discuss 10 reasons that support buying MacBook than other PC and laptops.

The perfect investment for a long run

A Mac product is expensive to buy at the starting stage, but it is much cheaper in the long run and the total cost of ownership after a certain period is much higher than any other alternatives. Due to its quality, and privacy features, you will have a good resale value even after some years. Mac products are like war horses; they can last longer than other computers or PCs because within one or two years PC windows get slow down, and it requires constant up-gradation of hard drives. Mac protects the information of the user with the uttermost privacy hence it is the better option to choose for the long run.

Much easier to get repaired

If you use other PC or computers in case, If they do any malfunction you should find the perfect repair center to retain your device. There may be a chance of you ending up in some locals repair center which demands a huge amount of money. If you are a user of mac easily you can find the perfect and certified repair centers that provide excellent services within your area. Nowadays Apple made changes in its products and components to facilitate easy repairs. For example, the MacBook Air arrived in 2020 with better configuration and graphics are much easier to repair than its old version. Also, MacBook battery replacement is comparatively simpler than other brand battery replacement.

Aesthetic value

Due to its aesthetic value, most of the customers prefer Mac and these products also satisfy all the requirements of the audience. In design and style, mac stands out from the crowd. Hence, it is liked by a huge group of audiences. Its classic cooler appearances catch many eyes, and the name apple itself adds so much of aesthetic value to the mac product.

Excellent customer support

Big brands like Dell, Sony, hp, and many other companies make Windows PC and Microsoft make software for them. In case any problem occurs no one will take responsibility for the malfunction but if you face any problem in mac, the sole responsibility lies on Apple's support, and they offer expert solutions at your problem and query. Almost all the apple products come into the market with support and warranty period.

Brand experience

Mac gives you a remarkable brand experience, user experience, and customer satisfaction is the most important factor to be considered. The operating system is the uttermost feature to be taken in mind while buying a PC or laptop. If you buy other brands operating with Windows 8 or any other version, there will be many disadvantages and problems like a malfunction in touchpad sensor, touch screen problems and much more. For example, MacBook Pro with OS X EL is simple and gives you a seamless experience while using the system.

We can run windows on mac

There is an advantage in Mac, products that you can run windows on the system. If you were a lover of Mac products but you are practiced by working on windows, you can go with Mac because it facilitates the running of windows created by Microsoft on their system. It also allows you to experience other virtualization programs like Virtual, parallels and much more.

Very easy to buy and operate

If you go for other brands there are so many choices available in the markets which can be more than 100 plus products. So, it is very hard to choose the perfect one as per your needs and requirements. In the case of Apple, there are fewer options a left out to choose as per your economic status and requirement. This may sound weird, but this is the fact because only fewer models and configurations of Mac products are produced by Apple.

Mac screen

Displays are the most important factors to be checked while buying expensive products. Most of the buyers are obsessed with the sharp displays, if you're in the idea of finding a sharp digital display then go for Mac because it is made with the best screen called retina display with anti-reflective coating.

We can connect with other IOS devices

Mac products have integration with other Apple home in-built systems like HomePods, AirPods, Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad. Anything from the devices of the Apple ecosystem will sync to your system which is much easier for you to work with different types of files all together and It provides you seamless experience without any obstacles.

Constant up-gradation and fixing bugs/viruses

Apple constantly upgrades the operating system and follows the scattered approach to its OS versions including 8, XP, Vista, CE, NT, 98, 2000. Each product and component is optimized to work better, and they always need less power to operate. They also experience fewer bugs, viruses and other malware compared to the windows users.

Software integration

Mac products come up with useful applications such as iTunes, FaceTime, Keynote, iMovie, Photos, and Garage band, and Mac app stores are also available in the Mac Computers which offers multiple specifically designed applications. Hence, It is much easier for you to edit photos, videos, and other document files. It also offers some free software and you can other Microsoft programs which work on the Mac systems. Also, the Mac App Store offers many apps specifically for Mac computers. And don’t worry, pretty much all your favorite Microsoft programs are compatible with Macs, including Open Office.


These are the best reasons to buy Mac over any other brands. If you are facing any screen problems in your Mac kindly contacts the Repair My Phone Today, they provide a better MacBook screen repair service in the UK at a comparatively lower cost than another service center.

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