5 Tips to free up memory on iPhones

iPhones are always spectacular with their design, performance, cutting edge cameras, and many more. However, the lack of storage space is the downside of the iPhones.Every user of Apple iPhones are complaining about this and are very curious about how they can enhance the storage of their device. Apple gets on with to help its users to solve the issue with iCloud storage, but it was not enough for them.

  This article by Repair My Phone Today comes up with some ideas which will show you 5 different ways or tips that you can get the very best from your iPhone storage.

Before thinking about the ways to free up space, the first and foremost thing is to find out what is exactly taking up space in your device and how much space left. When you go to your iPhone storage space you can find which apps, photos, or any others using how much storage space, then you can free up the storage space as much as you could by deleting them.  Let’s read on what are the ways to free up memory on iPhones.

Method 1.Delete the wrongdoers

The simplest method to empty the space on your iPhone is to delete the unwanted stuff that's taking up the majority of space. Then the question arises is - what do you have to delete? The main place you have to check is at your Apps, Music Videos, or Photos. We know that all these can differ in size, but, that's where most of your storage space will be tied up in your device.

Photos are the biggest gobble up, they possess tons of space on the iPhone. Whenever you are taking gorgeous photos, the warning pops up and informs you that there is not enough available space on your device. It will force you to delete some of your photos or anything from the phone to continue to take photos and save it. It is an annoying factor for everyone. To get rid of this the first step is to scroll down through the apps on your phone, there you can see the usage of storage space by each app, it will show the biggest first. Then, delete the app which one you don’t need or you’re not using for a long time. To do this, select an App and then Delete App. From this step alone you will be surprised how much space you got. Before doing this don’t forget to backup the items to a computer.

Method 2. Clearing Cache on iPhone

Secondly, let's have a look at how to find and delete data that is probably don't need but saved on your device. The saved Cache is information that apps and websites store on your iPhone to make their applications work more efficiently.

Sometimes these cached data are very helpful, for instance, whenever an image is stored in your cache and if you go and access that page again, then the browser automatically fetches the image for you. Even though there are advantages with cache some disadvantages are as well .ie, you will probably access lots of webpages and apps. As a result, your devices become clogged with pieces of information whereas nothing to do with it.

we recommend clearing out your device’s caches from time to time to get rid of these unwanted storage-hogging files. Cookies and caches come under the section of Documents and Data of your iPhone storage. To clear cookies and cache on iPhone, you have to go into each one of the app’s settings and delete cookies and cache history that you don’t want.

 Always make sure that you check the cache of all apps including Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter Instagram, etc, and browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and so on which you use on your phone to free up maximum storage.

Method 3: Deleting Duplicate Songs on iPhone

Sometimes you may have stored many duplicate tracks on your iPhone. This is truly an unwanted one and eats up your storage. There is a tool called Tune Sweeper, which covers all your iTunes clean up needs for iPhones by sync with PC or Mac.

Method 4.Removing old podcasts and voicemails

Most of us don’t like to listen to podcasts or voice mails more than twice.A30 minutes podcast will occupy 25MB storage space of your iPhone if it is a voice mail, then it will occupy 16 GB of space. So it is necessary to remove old podcasts or voice mails from your iPhone.

Method 5. Back-Up Photos to Google +

Back up your files to your computer to avoid the cost and limitations of cloud storage, through a wired or wireless connection. There are several applications like iTunes, Image capture,iPhoto, using these you can save copies of files to your Mac from iPhone.  Another app called AirDrop helps to transfer files from iPhone to PC.

Once you free up extra space on your iPhone you will be surprised and excited to know the performance of your iPhone.From Repair My Phone Today you will get more tips and assistance to free up memory on your iPhone.

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