Android Tablet Problems and Solutions

Let's face it, Android tablets aren't perfect. When they aren't running out of juice, they are slow, won't power on, or have problems connecting to the Internet. These are some quick fixes for most of the tablet problems Android owners face commonly. Few issues commonly occur on Android tablets due to several reasons starting from minor issues to major malfunctions. Here is a detailed list of common problems and instructions for fixing the tablets. Most of the Android problems are very easy to fix, hence we recommend we restart your tablets immediately while you are facing difficulties.

Most Common Android Tablets Problems & Solutions

The tablet won’t turn on or off

Sometimes the Android Tablet will hang and freeze or locks up, refusing to either turn on or turn off and when this situation happens just press and hold the lock\power key for about 8 seconds, the tablet either off or on depending on which state it’s in. if the trick does not work out then just wait up to 12 minutes after shutting your device and turn on the device.

Tablet isn’t charging

If your tablet does not charge properly, then it becomes a heavy headache because you cannot properly use the tablet and this is the main problem, you need to find out the reason for the problem. You can start troubleshooting this issue by checking the power socket switch to find out if the switch is ON, if you are using USB o power the tablet, then make sure that the cable is nor broken. To fix this type of issue, try to charge from another power source or replace the cable.

The Touchscreen doesn’t work properly

The touch screen is the primary feature of a tablet and it requires proper interaction from a human hand, if the screen doesn’t work perfectly, then you cannot use the tablet. The problem may be due to damaged screens or malfunctions in the touching sensor and it can be solved by replacing the old screen with a new one or changing the touching sensor.

App problems

Some of the software applications in our tablets create issues such as the screen can freeze, the apps refuse to close, and more. If you receive any notification from your device about the app malfunction, then just click the force close button to shut down the app. Now open the problem causing app and check, if it's running properly. In case if it does not work properly check for news updates for the apps and if the update is available from the app development team, then please update the app this will prevent the app from crashing.

If the music is continuously playing

This is the most irritating problem faced by Android users and if you face the same issue, try the following things. Try to go back into the music application and press the hit or pause button to shut down the annoying music, if it does not work out, then try to control the buttons in the lock area or notification area. 

Stuck in portrait mode

If you watched your favorite shows on your tablet, you will set up your video orientation in portrait mode. If you are unable to change from portrait mode to normal landscape mode, even after closing the shows, try to change the settings and make sure that the orientation lock is not ON and if you off the rotation lock option, then the screen will move back to normal.

WI-FI problems

If you cannot connect your tablet with the WI-FI, even after trying several methods, then there is a problem with tablet WI-FI connection settings. To solve this issue, turn on the airplane mode for 30 seconds and turn it on or reset the WI-FI network connection settings.

The Screen is too difficult to see

If the screen brightness is too low, then you cannot easily see the screen of the tablet and if you are annoyed about this problem, then do not work this problem can be solved in minutes. It is solved by simply increasing the brightness of the tablet in settings and the Android tablet normally has the light sensor on the front side to detect the day and night lights, if it does not work correctly, you will end up wasting the battery life. To prevent this problem, ensure that the tablet lit sensor is not covered, or else try to adjust the brightness manually using the brightness option.

Battery draining too quickly

This is the most common issue experienced by the Tablet issue and it results in the improper working of the device. The battery is the main power source for every electronic device and if there is any problem with the battery, then it will drain out power very quickly. To fix this type of issue follow some tricks such as lowering the brightness of tablets, turning OFF location service when it is not in use because it is the major power drainer among other available features, turning the power saving mode on when the tablet is not in use.

If the tablets get too hot

Due to continuous usage or due to overcharging, the tablet becomes hotter and it can also result in serious issues such as sudden fire, explosion, and more. It is a commonly occurring issue in most tablets and it is resolved by just giving random break to the usage. The heat issue can also due to the running of a lot of applications and if you uninstall the unwanted applications, then this issue can be resolved.

Google Play not working properly

If the play store does not work properly, then you can’t download apps or install updates and if it is not loading, then you have to clear the cache information, or else it becomes corrupted. To solve this kind of issue follow the instructions.

  • Go to settings and click applications
  • Then click All apps and press the Google Play store.
  • Go inside the storage and press the cache.
  • After clearing the cache information, restart your device, then the issues will be solved.


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