Apple watch series 6 VS Apple watch SE

Since 2015, after the first launching of apple watches, it is snappily becoming one of the best–selling made-well watches in the world. As vastly presumed, Apple has launched two of its watch series in September 2020, Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE.Apple Watch Series 6 offers several spellbinding updates than its predecessor Series 5 and has a wide range of health and wellness features. Here in this article Repair My Phone Today tries to assimilate a guide to describe the difference and similarities of these two Watch Series 6 and SE. Hope it will help you to buy which watch series according to the features and price that suits your pocket.

Let us begin with the main feature of the two watch series, that the Apple Watch Series 6 is crafted and concentrated on your health, while the Apple Watch SE does not have all the health features and can get at a lower price.

Design and size

Both the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE having the same astonishing design with a lot of similarities between these two series. The Retina  LTPO OLED  display and curved corners of the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE are the same as that of its previous models and come with a brightness of 1000 nits, instead, we can watch everything in a big way by increasing the screen size by 30%. The case size can also be available in 40 or 44mm and GPS and GPS +Cellular version. The main difference we can see that the display is always-on in Apple Watch Series 6 whilst, this feature is not available in Apple Watch SE and it turns on when you turn your wrist. The display of Series 6 is two and a half brighter than Series 5.  While having the Series 6  watch in your hand, now you can access the control center, Notification center, swipe to change faces, and to tap on complications without turn on the watch screen, above all, your Apple Watch 6 is more adequate for your needs.


Apple Watch Series 6 comes with 3 various materials such as Aluminium, Titanium, and Stainless steel whereas, SE comes in 100% recycled Aluminium. The design of Apple Watch Series 6 available in 23 different combinations, SE comes in the iconic colors of Silver, Gold, and Space Grey, on the other hand, Apple series 6 comes in gold and silver, stainless steel, and graphite too. The choice for the strap is a braided loop, solo loop, and sports band. The solo loop has no clasps or buckles as it is made with stretchable silicone. The leather or metallic Milanese loop is another choice for the users. Not only this but also there is a wide selection of colors you can select from, it includes black, white, red Cyprus green, deep navy, pink citrus, and ginger.


The processor with 64 –bit dual-core chips is the same for both the models and an A13 Bionic processor in Series 6 makes it 20?ster than the previous one still maintains an all day long battery of up to 18 hours battery life, helps to launch apps 20?ster. The Watch Series 6 comes with the latest  S6 chipset while the SE has the S5 system.SE is not as much as advanced as Series 6 but it is two times faster than Series 3. For a majority of users, the SE will be suitable as it is fast, efficient, and economical. 

The most important characteristic of the Apple Watch Series 6 is that it contains U1 Ultra –Wideband Chip that enables short-range wireless location, which is available in next-generation car keys.  It is more accurate than Bluetooth LE and WiFi.Currently, Watch Series 6 comes with limited use cases, but those who are going to keep the watch for many years will get more advanced features. 

The most distinctive feature of the Apple Watch Series 6 is its Health  Monitoring feature. Apple users can easily understand their health and overall fitness by measuring Oxygen saturation with the help of blood oxygen monitoring.  This feature is not accessible for the SE which is the most paining Achilles heels of SE. SpO2 or Oxygen saturation helps to identify the quantity of Oxygen carried from the lungs to the various part of the body by red blood cells and it shows how well the blood is flowing all over the body. The users can track the level of blood oxygen between 70 and 100 % in just 15 seconds.

Another advantage of having Apple Watch Series 6 is the electrical heart sensor. Using the ECG app, users can identify whether the heart is beating in a normal pattern or have any complications which lead to health problems. Don’t think that SE is coming with any health monitoring features. It is occupied with an optical heart sensor which gives notifications of the heart rate. The other features in SE are emergency SOS, Fall Detection, and noise monitoring all these are also available in Apple Watch Series 6. If you are considering the most advanced health features, you can opt for Apple Watch Series 6 otherwise go for Apple Watch Series SE.


Both Apple Watch Series 6 and Series SE have an all-day-long battery life of 18 hours. Even though Series 6 has an always-on display, its battery life won't be affected by it. It offers faster charging and fully charged by one and a half hours of charging. The charging and battery life improvement is also a key factor for selecting which one you want to buy.

 Despite there are differences in both the models, they have some similarities as well. The similarities in both the watches such as the key sensors -accelerometer, altimeter, compass, and gyroscope. Both of them are cellular models that the users can even make calls without their iPhones in hand.having the same Os the customers will get some other features namely automatic handwashing detection, support for work outmodes, and sleep tracking.


The Apple Watch SE is a more pocket-friendly model and the price starts at £269 for the GPS-only model. If you are longing for a Watch with GPS and Cellular, you have to pay something more ie, £319. The Series 6 start at £379 and increase to £479 if you opt for a combined GPS and Cellular models.

If you are pursuing a vetted watch with more advanced technology and always-on display, to alert you about your fitness, then go for Apple Watch Series 6, otherwise, if you are not interested in additional features and budget-oriented then select Apple Watch Series SE, especially for those who are very new to this device.  

If you are still in bewilderment, then feel free to visit Repair My Phone Today stores in Oxfordshire, there you can get the assistance of trained and experienced technicians for your Apple devices and clear your doubts about Apple Watch latest series.

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