How to fix a Phone with Water Damage even when it is dropped in dirty water

Most of us generally get panic or feel miserable if their phone fell in water or any other liquid items. What if the phone isn't waterproof? Your precious photos, important files, contacts - GAME OVER!! Do not worry there is a solution to every problem and you don't have to get worried or stressed about it. If you have backed up everything in prior you shouldn't be worried though. Honestly speaking your phone doesn't immediately as soon as it comes in contact with water. Your phone can be saved if you act rightly and quickly.

This is what happens to a phone when it falls in water or liquid item:


Any liquid items that gets deep inside the phone can be harmful to phone, ports, jacks and speakers. It is known that water is a good conductor of electricity when water gets inside the phone current passes through it, this can damage the circuit.

Allowing the phone to dry on its own can worsen the condition, because letting the water or liquid stay inside the phone can corrode the circuit inside the phone due to the presence of minerals inside water or any other electricity conducting component in other liquid items. This process doesn't happen immediately it depends on the amount of water that entered the device and design of the cell phone. At times just a few seconds of water won't damage but sometimes it can destroy the circuit in a few minutes. As it takes time for water to reach vulnerable elements in the phone. You need to be cautious about where you drop your phone if it is in the puddle, bathtub or toilet sink it is bad but if you drop your phone in ocean water it is time to say goodbye to your phone because saltwater damages than freshwater.

To save your phone from water damage-you should respond immediately:


There will be no time left or you will be impatient when you accidentally drop your phone in water, don't waste time as it may cause more damage. Act smarter and faster-

Steps to rescue your phone



  • Quickly take the phone out of water
  • Turn off the phone
  • Use a dry cloth or tissue paper and pat dry the phone as much as possible
  • Use sanitizer if necessary
  • If the phone's battery is removable, remove the battery, pat dry using absorbing dry cloth or tissues or microfiber cloth
  • Remove SIM card and pat dry
  • Keep the phone upright if you can't remove the battery



  • Never attempt to dry your phone in the microwave oven, this can be very dangerous and can start a fire or even blast can occur. So be careful and do not try such stupendous things.
  • Do not freeze your phone, because again when the ice melts inside in phone, it will still worse the condition.
  • Do not use a hairdryer to dry your phone from water damage because it can damage the circuit even more.
  • Do not place your phone near a radiator
  • Placing your phone in the dehydrating items such as rice- as per studies it will dry out water from phone to some extent but it is not good enough or reliable to safeguard your device from deep corrosion.


Without making any delay take your water damaged phone to a trusted phone repair shop:


Completely allowing your phone to dry on its own isn't a good idea.

There are many parts and components in the phone where your hands can't reach. If you aren't technically well versed do not experiment on your phone. Take your device to the experts let them do it for you.

If your phone is completely dead- won't turn on, Check if your phone warranty is still valid and available. If not you have to send the phone to its manufacturer to repair it.

If your phone still works with a few glitches you can take your phone to a local electronic phone repair shop near you.

At Repair My Phone Today, Oxford, UK - you will be covered with all these services under lifetime warranty service. Technicians at Repair My Phone Today will fix your phone and deliver it to your doorsteps. Technicians here are the best water damage repair - specialists, your device will be fixed in no time.


Tips to prevent water damage in feature:


Dropping your phone in water accidentally is an unpredictable situation you can't control them, but you can safeguard your phone and make sure less damage occurs when your phone falls in water.


Useful Tips for Keeping Your Phone Water Damage Free


  • Use a water-resistant case or phone- Practically there is no such 100% waterproof phone or case but these things can save your phone to an extent.
  • Be careful about your surroundings - Especially when you are around the swimming pool, bathtub or toilet, Do not hold it close near water or water running areas.
  • Avoid using cell phones in the toilet- I know it is hard for some people to quit suddenly. In today's world, it has become a habit of taking their cell phone everywhere it isn't a good habit though.


So this is it for now. If you dropped your phone and are looking for the experts who can fix your water damaged phone quicker Contact technicians at Repair My Phone Today Oxford, UK will give your device a free check-up and analysis. They will fix your phone quickly and effectively.

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