How to Find Your iPhone Even If It's Dead or Offline

If you ever lose your phone and want to find and track a lost iPhone, Find My app will help you to locate your iPhone. It is the simplest way.

Luckily if you have enabled the Find My iPhone feature in the Setting app of your iPad or iPhone, you can easily find and locate the missing device using Find My. This will work even if the device is powered down or the battery is dead.

Now we are going to tell you how to locate your device/ how to find your iPhone or iPad when it's lost, dead, offline or even if you haven't enabled Find My for your iPhone.


It is obvious that you get a tendency to panic whenever you lose your iPhone. But even at worst cases such as if your iPhone battery is dead or the Wi-Fi and data are turned off, you can still find your device.

As long as your iPhone is powered on, you can locate your device with Apple's new Bluetooth location feature, which will help you locate your offline iPhone.

However, we can also find your iPhone even if its battery is dead. Finding the iPhone is as easy as tracking down the last known location.

Here we are gonna use iCloud technology and Find My app to get back your precious iPad or iPhone, which might have been lost when the iPhone was powered on or battery dead or alive.

We will also tell you how to enable Lost Mode for your device remotely and we will discuss the several options through which you can find your iPhone.

First, we will tell you how to find your iPhone, if the battery is dead or if your iPhone is out of range.

Note: If you suspect your iPhone has been seized or stolen, please try to contact local authorities. Do not attempt to recover it by yourself.


#1 Here's how to enable the Find My app option

The only element for making sure that even a dead iPhone can be located with iCloud's location tracking is by having Find My iPhone enabled.

With Offline Finding enabled in Settings in iOS 13 version iPhone or iPad, you can smoothly locate your iPhone even if it's dead or powered off. With Send Last Location turned on option, you will be able to view where your iPhone was right before the battery got turned off.

Hence, there are many ways to find your missing device as long as your Find My options are completely enabled. To do this:

Step 1: Open Settings icon

Step 2: Tap your name at the top

Step 3: Select Find My option

Step 4: Toggle on the option Share My Location only if you want specific friends or family members to be able to see your iPhone's location.

Step 5: Select Find My iPhone option on top

Step 6: Toggle on Find My iPhone option

Step 7: You will get a dialogue box displaying Find My iPhone Enabled

Tap Ok.

Step 8: Toggle on Enable Offline Finding option

Step 9: Even Toggle on the Send Last Location option too.

#2 Here is How to Find Your iPhone with iPad, Even If It’s battery Dead or Offline

Here we will be utilizing the Find My App on the iPad to find your iPhone. In case if your iPhone is dead you will be directed to the last place your iPhone was located just before the battery died. With the help of Find My app on the iPad, you can locate your iPhone's current position by using any nearby Apple devices. To find your lost iPhone on an iPad or a friends' iPhone even if it is dead follow the steps:

  • First, Open the Find My app on the iPad
  • Next, Tap the Devices tab
  • A map with your Find My enabled devices will pop up
  • If your device is turned on it will be displayed on the map and sidebar as an iPhone with an active home screen
  • If your iPhone is turned off, it will be displayed on the map and sidebar as an iPhone with a blank screen
  • Choose your iPhone from the list of devices
  • Tap on Directions to get driving or walking directions to your iPhones' location
  • If in case your iPhone is not dead but offline, just tap on Play Sound option to help you find your iPhone
  • If in case your iPhone is dead, you can simply toggle on Notify When Found option to get a notification and location update to your iPad the next time when the iPhone is turned on.

#3 How to Find Your iPhone with Someone Else's Device

You can find your lost iPhone with the help of your friends’ or family members’ device, by allowing you to log into their iPhone. While you are using someone else's Apple ID from a different iPhone, do not sign out of their Apple ID in Settings. Just use the Me tab option in the Find My app to log in remotely.

Here are steps on How to use someone else's Apple Device to find your lost iPhone.

Step 1: Open the Find My app on your friend's iPhone or iPad

Step 2: Select the Me tab option

Step 3: Tap Help A Friend option at the bottom

Step 4: You will have to log into iCloud. If asked to log in using Touch or Face ID options, just select Use Different Apple ID

Step 5: Now log in using your iCloud ID and enter the password

Step 6: When asked to save your password, Tap on Not Now option

Step 7: Now Just follow the above-mentioned steps to locate your missing iPhone device

Step 8: When you are done, just tap on your name on the top right of your friend's iPhone in their Find My App

Step 9: Tap on Sign Out option

#4 How to Find Your iPhone or iPad Even If your iPhone is Dead or Offline by using Computer

Maximum of the iPhone users will end up seeking their lost battery dead or power off the iPhone on the computer. While the app has been given a new name on the iPhone and iPad. It is still named Find My iPhone when you log on to using your Personal Computer or MacBook. On a Mac, it will be termed Find My and you will use it the same way as you would the app on your iPad or iPhone. If you prefer to locate your iPhone by using'sd My iPhone app from a laptop or a desktop web browser, here are the step to follow:

Step 1: Open a web browser

Step 2: Go to or click on the Find My app

Step 3: Now, Sign in using your Apple ID and password if using

Step 4: Click the Find iPhone app icon

Step 5: Select All Devices at the top and choose your missing iPhone device

Step 6: The map will reveal the location of where your lost iPhone is.


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