How to fix Samsung Galaxy S8 speaker sound not working

Samsung Galaxy S8  caused a wave of excitement among the fans of Samsung, who were eagerly waiting to experience the high-tech features of this smartphone. It was the best phone made by Samsung, but it came with some shortcomings like the location of the fingerprint sensor, software glitches related to the red tint, and audio issue.  Sound cuts out while watching and streaming videos, listening to music, or playing any game are some of the worrying factors of Samsung users. Here are some helpful ideas by Repair My Phone Today if your Samsung Galaxy S8 speaker is not working. Before going to apply these, you have to confirm that your phone is not in mute or the headphone is attached properly.

  Possible solutions for Samsung Galaxy S8 speaker issue

1.Force Rebooting


A force rebooting or quick start can resolve the speaker issue if it is due to some small firmware. Force rebooting can be done by pressing and hold down the Power and Volume down button together for about 10 seconds. Then the phone will start to vibrate and turned off. Now turn on the phone normally and check whether the speaker is working properly or not. If the problem is not fixed, then you need to try the next solution.

2.Turn on Prevent USB audio routing


To turn on Prevent USB audio routing, you have to first enable the developer option by going to Settings> About device and tap the build number seven times. After enabling the developer option, scroll down to get the Media option. Then turn on the Prevent USB audio routing to solve the issues related to your Samsung Galaxy S8 speaker.

3.Insert headphone


Insert headphones of your device into the headphone jack for a couple of minutes. This will help to remove the dust particles accumulated in the jack. You can also displace the dust or dirt stuck inside the headphone jack by blowing air into it.

4.Update software


If you tried all the above methods to resolve the issue with the Samsung Galaxy S8 speaker and not helpful to resolve it, then update with the latest software. If there are any recent updates, then download it. Different updates will be revealed at various times, depending on the carrier and device.

5.Remove the phone case 


Removing the phone case may enhance your volume of the speakers as some phone holsters muffle the sound. After removing your phone from its case, test the sound.

6.Test the speaker


Sometimes speakers get clogged with dust over time, so cleaning could make to improve the sound. First of all, turn off the phone and then remove the battery. By blowing air into the speakers help to dislodge the dust particles.


7.Liquid damage


One of the most consequences of liquid damage on your device is the malfunctioning of the speaker. The liquid can easily spread into the internal components of the open grills connected to the speaker. So if your device’s speaker is having some issues after such an accident, let your phone to dry off.

8.Check the unsuitable app


Most often this issue comes with downloading an unsuitable app. If you find any kind of application glitch then delete the newly installed app.

9.Change the Do not disturb settings


In some cases,  people enable the  Do  Not Disturb Mode to avoid unwanted calls. That disables the sound of the speaker, Disable the Do Not Disturb setting to sort the problem.

10. Disabling  Bluetooth


Whenever you paired your Galaxy S8 with your Bluetooth speakers or headphones, the sound may get routed to them even though your phone isn’t connected. This type of ghost connection can be overcome by disabling Bluetooth.

11. Factory reset


 The factory reset is the final option that can sort all kinds of issues related to the S8 sound problems. So go to  Settings > Backup & reset> Factory data reset > Erase all data .It will take a few minutes to erase all the data from the device, before doing this you have to restore all the data of your device.

12.Approach for professional help

The above-said methods are not sufficient or fruitful to resolve your Samsung Galaxy speaker sound then there may be some technical faults that need to be repaired. For this, you are advised to visit the service center very near to you where you will get professional and technical service for your device.

It is recommended that always approach the authorized and certified service center then only you can leave your phone in safe hands. You can repair your Samsung Galaxy S8 speaker issue with the trained and experienced technicians of Repair My Phone Today. With the in-depth knowledge of our technicians will sort headphone repair, software update, factory reset, and soon. You can avail of the online booking service to avoid the time-lapse and repaired your phone in the shortest possible time.






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