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If you are an HP Laptop user, then you are prone to the random keyboard issues like sticky keys, some of the functional keys (F1, F12, etc.), are unusable and more. Some of the users mentioned that their whole laptop keyboard becomes useless in that type of situation you have they have to take an alternative external keyboard. Several factors can make your laptop keyboard useless- some of the small issues can be fixed, others are a bit more complicated. You cannot predict the keyboard problem in advance, it can happen anytime and anywhere. 

For example, if you are in the middle of sending some reports to higher officials but you got stuck because of "I" key stops working, Or maybe a whole section of keys is taking forever to respond. This may be the worst situation for you but it can be fixed by following the below-detailed instructions and incase if the solutions do not work out, we suggest you go for HP laptop keyboard replacement.

HP Laptop Keyboard Repair/Replacement


Is the Problem Hardware or Software?

Before you go for the below-mentioned tips, try to find out the solution for the problem: Is the issue with hardware or the problem is due to software glitch preventing windows from keywords response.

Restart your computer

Restarting your device is the best wat to troubleshoot your problems at a faster rate and it is fast, easy, and it can solve your minor issues associated with your keyboard. To restart your laptop you do not need a proper functioning keyboard, simply click the Restart option in the start menu. In case if you are facing trouble with your mouse as well as touchpad then press and hold the power button. Then after some time, your device will get power on and for a maximum case, this method will solve the keyboard issue.

Step 1: Reinstall Keyboard Driver

To reinstall keyboard driver follow the instructions carefully

  • Go to the Start icon, click the control panel(View by Large icons), and then press the device manager.
  • In the device manager window, click to expands the keyboards menu and then press the keyboard option and then click uninstall. In case if the option does not visible in the device manager option, then go to the laptop manufacturer’s head page and install the latest drivers for the keyboards.
  • Wait for some time till the uninstall to complete, then Restart your device.
  • Finally, your keyboard driver will be automatically reinstalled.

Note: If you need a password to log in to your desktop, then use the on-screen keyboard by choosing the option from the three icons on the right corner, then choose On-Screen Keyboard. Type your password using an on-screen keyboard and click Enter key.

Step 2: Check Keyboard Settings

Some software settings can make your keyboard to act erratically. You can solve this by changing the setting on the keyboard.

  • Go to the start button and press the setting option from the menu.
  • In the settings option, select Time & language. 
  • On the left side of the panel, select Region & language, 
  • On the right side, ensure that the language is set to English (United States). 

Step 3: Try an External Keyboard

If the above methods did not solve your issues, then the best option is connecting your device with a USB external keyboard and check that the secondary keyword works.
In case, if your external keyboard does not work properly, then you have to reset your entire operating system or do a fast system recovery.

Step 4: Perform a Hard Reset

  • If you perform a hard reset, you can easily fix your keyboard and this will not get rid of information stored in your systems. This method removes the amount of power stored in hardware components and to begin the process follow the below instructions.
  • Power off your device and make sure that you have removed all power sources and external components from your device.
  • Remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter from the device.
  • Press and hold the power button for about 20 seconds to drain all the remaining electrical charges stored in your device.
  • Insert the AC adapter and battery again into the laptop but ensure that you do not connect any external devices to the device.
  • Click the power button to turn on the device.
  • In the startup menu, press the start windows normally option and click Enter key on your keyboard.
  • Check for Crumbs

This is the simple way to fix your keyboards, try to clean your keyboard with a lint-free cloth and to clean properly follow the below instructions.

  • Hold your laptop at a  45- to 75-degree horizontal angle and give the laptop a good shake because there is a chance that some snack crumbs can stick under the keys that will prevent the key from working.
  • Use a can of compressed air to give your keyboard a quick cleaning and incase if two keys are stuck, then use alcohol using a swab to remove the dirt.
  • If the keyboard undergoes water damage then we suggest you to for changing the whole keyword assembly.


If your keyboard comes under the warranty period, try to contact your HP laptop manufacturer’s tech support line and you will receive a fast solution for your laptop issue or you will get hp laptop keyboard replacement without too much hassle. If you are out of your warranty period then reach your nearest repair center which provides HP laptop repair at an affordable cost.  Before going for the repair center make sure that you back up your entire data from the laptop.

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