iOS 16.0.2 Update: Does It Bring Along All The Remedies? Find Out Everything Here!

Have you updated your iPhone to the latest iOS version? Like many others, it is likely that you have encountered a number of problems compared to older Apple versions. It is not just the small bugs present in iOS 16.0.1; there are also a number of significant bugs.

  Several of the issues have been copied and pasted. Several major red flags are associated with unresponsive Touch ID and other issues that can cause a great deal of concern. If you face any problem, you can go to iPhone/ iPad/Apple watch repair in Oxford, who will fix your issue.


Apple claims that a new version, 16.0.2, has been released that fixes the issues. What has been fixed in this new version? This update several bugs have been fixed with this update.

What is new in iOS 16?

There have been several changes that one has experienced in iOS 16, and those changes are:


  • The users can edit or unsend the message in iMessage within 15 minutes once you send it. 
  • A built-in mail application on iPhone will allow users to schedule the emails to send later. Apple now offers you more accurate and complete results in it.
  • It also has smarter dictation that will help you speak texts and punctuate them with periods, question marks, commas, and emojis.
  • One can quickly turn off all the services and applications, such as security checks and location. Apple claims that the safety check was designed in a way with women's groups that will make things easy for the users to protect personal data.  
  • The users can also add smaller widgets with real-time data on the lock screen.
  • Notifications appear on the screen's bottom when your phone is locked, and you can easily hide them to keep them out. The users can also change the focus mode and silence some notifications when they are asleep or on vacation.


But even after all these things, if there is any problem with your iPhone or Macbook, get your MacBook repaired by the best repairs.


Bugs That Get Fixed 

  1. Camera-bug fixed

One of the main problems one may face after getting the iOS 16 update is that the usually back camera shakes up the images. Sometimes, it destabilizes and gives a blurry effect while taking photos or videos. It happens when you use the Camera app or any other 3-party application on your mobile. 

But with the new update, this problem is fixed; you will not face any of those problems, as this version primarily focuses on solving that issue. It will help the users to enjoy everything.  


  1. Pop-up Permission Fixed

People usually get a pop-up message about copying and pasting between different applications in that version. It is prompted as a security message when the general term makes data and browsing safe for the users.


The permission will prompt that will appear again, and that will cause an issue whenever you copy something or take it from the clipboard. But the new update claims to fix the problem that you need to improve. 


  1. Touch Unresponsive Fix

Another red flag that one faced with the arrival of iOS 16 was seen in some devices when the touch becomes so unresponsive and sometimes it is blank. The issue usually faced by the person creates an erratic touch problem in your iPhone X, iPhone XR, and other models of iPhone.


You may have noticed this problem in the iPhone X model, too, so you should take it to the best iPhone repair store. But Apple has only hope for the new iOS 16.0.2 update that will bring respite to the users.


  1. Voice-over Fix

When rebooted, iPhone users usually complained about the voiceover option, which was unavailable then. Like in the iOS version, it may not work correctly, but everything will be updated, and this update will fix the problems quickly. But if the issue becomes more burdensome, then you should get your iPhone or iPad repaired.    



Apple has resolved these issues with the updated 16.0.2 version. However, most people still experience problems with their iPhones, so you can repair them if necessary. If you still have any problems with your iPhone, iPad, or iWatch in Oxford, repair might be the only way to fix it, so contact professional repair stores now!

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