iPad Air Vs. iPad Mini 2020 - Which is best?

An iPad is an excellent device for any technology Graber. If you're a professional or not, an iPad can be a brilliant tool for creating new possibilities with photo editing, music creation. Using Apple Pencil easily, you can take notes, harmonize your thoughts, and mark up screenshots, email, and more. With an iPad, you get what you need from a computer, plus a million designed apps just for iPad.You can choose from an array of lists -iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and so on.

Whenever you think about, need for an iPads, as there are different models, you will probably be in a dilemma about which one should I buy, saves more money, comfortable when considering the size. Understanding the difference is the main thing.

Difference between iPad Air and iPad Mini

Here, Repair My Phone Today, a mobile and iPad service center in Oxford, is trying to give you a brief description of iPad Air and iPad mini and help you get it by comparing both.

  • Design

Apple's iPad Air and iPad Mini are far more alike where the iPad Air is the biggest. iPad Mini is favored for its small size, capability, and features like thin, light, and portable design. iPad Air comes with an incredible design and stunning display. The distinctive features of the iPad Air is its environmental friendly enclosures made from 100% Aluminium, solder of the main logic board is with 100% recycled tin, 100% recycled rare earth elements in the speakers as well. It is available in a variety of colors like Sky Blue, Green, Rose Gold, Silver, and Space Grey. Moreover, it is multifaceted than ever with more features and capabilities.

  • Performance

A14 bionic help you give life to your imaginations. With the machine learning performance of A14 Bionic, you can unleash your creativity in photo editing, music creation, and many more. The A12 Bionic chips with Neural Engine in iPad Mini enables the buyers a real-time machine learning to identify patterns, make predictions, experience augmented reality, or play a mesmerizing game with console-level graphics. If both the devices are attached to Apple pencil, iPadOS 14 helps you to improve your handwriting like a typed text, convert your sketches into perfect shapes. The Apple pencil turns iPad Mini into a go-companion digital notebook. iPad Air support Apple's Smart Keyboard Folio, which helps you to send an email, writing a short story, but the iPad Mini does not support it.

  • Battery Life

When we consider the battery life, iPads have the reputation of high solid-state battery life, last very long on a charge. The all-day battery life of the iPad Air helps to work as long as you need it. The battery size is large because iPad Air has larger screens to illuminate. The iPad mini's battery could last longer because it has fewer pixels to light up.

  • WIFI Features

If you are away from WIFI, the super-fast WIFI -6and 4G LTE in iPad Air and iPad Mini helps you host Face Time Call, join a video conference, or start group projects with friends.

  • Display

10.9-inch Liquid Retina display with P3 wide color and high-quality landscape stereo speakers make you enjoy the immense audio experience. iPad Mini comes with a 7.9-inch display. Both iPads come with True Tone technology that automatically adjusts white balance against the lighting situation. It has an anti-reflective coating that offers true to life detail.

  • Camera

Advanced 12MP back camera with Focus Pixels and 7MP Face Time HD camera and microphones gives a crystal clear video calls. The front and back camera in iPad Mini enables us to take realistic photos of spectacular videos.

  • Built-in Apps & Security Features

iPad Air and iPad Mini designed to give the full iPad experience can use multiple apps simultaneously. There are a lot of Apple-designed apps like Photos, Maps, Messages, Mail, and Safari along with, over a million iPad apps on the App Store, 

The iPad Air doesn't have a Face ID for security but has a Touch ID fingerprint that helps to unlock, built it into the power button. It is the first time Apple use Touch ID at a place other than the home button.

  • Price

iPad air cost is about £579 and the iPad Mini from £399 onwards. Surprisingly, being a small tablet iPad mini beat all the other tablets in its performance, display quality, and battery life overshadows its drawback of the Smart Keyboard and its smaller screen.  

In our opinion, iPad Air Vs. iPad Mini combat shows that it is of no matter whether it is big or small, sometimes the smaller one can do more.

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