iPad not Charging - How to fix it?

Various factors might be responsible for your iPad not charging. They can, however, be easily diagnosed after going through the tests. 
All iPad users face the same problem of a failing USB cable and a USB port that cannot deliver enough power when charging. Replacement of iPad charging ports replacement is the most common way of resolving any problems associated with iPad USB ports.


iPad Not Charging? Here's how to fix it!


The following are some things you can try if your iPad not charging:


1. Restart your iPad


Most likely, you have heard the traditional advice (immortalized in the British sitcom "The IT Crowd") that the first move you should make is turning it off and on again. Even if there are still a few batteries left in your iPad, try rebooting it and then charging it again. The simple act of rebooting is likely to resolve the charging issue.


2. Charging cable replacement.


Apple users may have seen this when the rubberized outer sheath breaks due to repeated bending, and the wires become exposed. In addition, using the same cord for a long time can weaken the USB cable. 
Due to this, the wire can be cut off easily after its sheath is removed. You will likely face such types of problems if you continue to use that type of USB cable. Toss it away and buy a new one.
However, Lightning cables get quite a bit of abuse, and issues may not be visible at first glance. For example, the cord can sometimes deteriorate while still in the sheath at the same time. Furthermore, cheap charging cables can stop working spontaneously due to faulty electricity regulator chips inside the cable.
A Lightning cable cannot be tested visually, so the best way to test it is by unique sourcing one - ideally, one that is fully legal and that you're sure will work.


3. Replacing the iPad charging port.


If your iPad's charging port has been clogged with dust, making it hard to charge, iPad Charging Port Replacement is a must option. 
In most cases, a clogged Lightning port leads to an iPad not being able to charge. Although it can happen, it is far less likely to occur than an iPhone, which is constantly stuffed into bags and pockets.
Use a torch to look into the port, and try to ease it with a toothpick if you see anything in it. Whenever possible, try to charge the iPad one more time. If it still does not work, take your iPad to an iPad repair shop to have the USB port replaced.


4. Plugin the iPad the right way.


Check out your energy source as soon as possible. You've already been told not to charge your iPad using a computer's USB port, but if it worked for you before, but isn't working now, makes sure that your laptop is fully awake. In other words, it should not be asleep or in hibernation.
As an alternative, you may try a one-of-a-kind USB port if the one you were using did not charge. Avoid charging the laptop from a USB port built right into a keyboard or USB hub - connect it immediately to a USB port on the laptop.
The last thing you should try is charging a phone from a wall outlet using an AC adapter. You might consider changing your AC adapter after using it for so many years. Take it from a friend or buy a new one.


4. Get your iPad Battery Replaced.


The iPad may not charge due to internal issues with the iPad itself, which can be resolved at the iPad Service Center if none of the methods works for you. 
The battery might be failing and preventing the iPad from charging. To solve this problem, get your iPad Battery replaced at an iPad Battery Replacement centre.


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