iPhone 12 – Replacement Costs For Different Parts

Have you broken your Apple iPhone 12 display screen? Do you need to replace the battery of your iPhone 12?

Do you want to know about the replacement cost of replacing the back glass of your iPhone 12? But how much do these replacements cost you?

This is the main question to know about. Apple is a big brand, so there is a need to consider the replacement costs for its parts.

Cost of replacing the screen of iPhone 12


If you have broken the screen off your iPhone 12 and need to replace it, then you must know the related expenses. The iPhone is one of the most expensive phones, but its parts also cost somewhat.


iPhone 12 screen replacement cost depends upon the method you choose to fix the problem. You can get the screen fixed from any local repair store or the Apple service store, and the cost would vary depending on the method chosen.


It would be much better to replace the screen from an Apple store which can cost around $229 to $329. The service center will provide you with the original and best parts. Also, the services you get will be true to your phone; the parts used are of the original brand.


A local repair store may charge you less, but there is no guarantee that the parts used are original. However, if you can't afford to pay high, you can choose this option.

Cost for battery replacement of iPhone 12


Talking about iPhone battery replacement cost, it is also better to get it done from the Apple store. The battery replacement cost for the Apple iPhone 12 is $69, which may increase soon. This cost is for the battery replacement, which is out of warranty.


But before deciding to replace the battery, it's important to know its capacity properly. If you find that the phone's battery capacity is below 80%, then you need to replace the battery. But if it's not below that level, then there might be other problems that can be solved without replacing the battery.

Cost of replacing the back glass of iPhone 12


The back glass of the iPhone 12 is the part that makes the phone look more attractive and gives it a unique look. Suppose this is broken or damaged, and the overall phone's look is ruined. So if you broke the back glass of your phone, you should replace it again, getting that perfect-looking iPhone 12.


iPhone 12 back glass replacement cost is around $199. This will replace the phone's back glass, giving it a new-like look. However, you can get it done from any local repair shop, but there is no guarantee to get the best quality replacement.


You will get the best and most guaranteed services from the repair store when you get this job done. Thus it's always better to choose the repair store for such services for your iPhone.


How long does the iPhone 12 battery last?

iPhone 12 offers around 16 hours of video playback. It comes up with a battery capacity of about 2815 mAH, so it gives a good battery life compared to other models of iPhone.

Is iPhone 12 waterproof?

iPhone comes up with IP68, which features one of the best water resistance ratings. This means the phone can go deep in the water for about six meters for approximately 30 minutes. Thus it makes the phone to be the best one from other models.

How long does it take to charge an iPhone 12?

iPhone 12 comes up with a fast charging feature, and it should be better to charge it only with a 20W fast charger. It can take about 30 minutes to charge the phone up to 50% and gets fully charged in around 2 hours and 8 minutes.

Final Words

When you know the replacement costs, you can fix your budget accordingly. It would be better that you choose the Apple store to get all the replacements like battery, screen back glass, or other replacements for your iPhone 12.

The Apple store provides you with the best services and a guarantee which makes your phone look like a new one. However this may be expensive, but it’s worth spending money on your phone.

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