What To Do If My iPhone 14 Pro Is Not Turning Back On?

Just purchased an iPhone 14 Pro, but it is not turning on? For someone who spends so much time with the device, it can seem as if they have just switched it off and it no longer works. There are however people who are experiencing this kind of problem with the Apple iPhone 14 and its pro series, as they are unable to turn on their devices even when they press the power button on the side of the device.

The problem is usually not that severe, but if it is, you can visit the iPhone 14 Pro repair store, and they will assist you. The good news is that you can even fix these issues yourself; you just need to read along, which will solve your problem in no time. It does not matter whether you have an iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, or iPhone 14 Plus. But first, you must understand why this occurs.

Now let's get started!

Why is your iPhone 14 Pro not turning on? 

Several things can cause your Apple iPhone 14 Pro to not turn on. However, the most frequent cause is a software bug that prevents the device from performing even a normal boot and prevents your screen from displaying content despite being turned on.

There is also a possibility that you dropped your iPhone in the liquid or it has come into contact with it. If this is the case, there is a possibility that some of the internal components may have failed and the device is not turning despite considerable effort. Consequently, you will need the best iPhone 14 Pro repair in Oxford who will be able to assist you and replace the parts as necessary.

How to fix it?

Still, if your iPhone 14 pro is not working or turning on, then you can just try out these solutions, which are mentioned below:


  1. Charge it for some time

It may happen because of the low battery if you cannot turn on your Apple iPhone. That is why you should charge your iPhone 14 pro for at least 30 minutes and then try to turn it on again. To turn the device, hold the power button, which is at the side, until you will see the logo of Apple on your screen.

  1. Force restart

Another reason your phone is not turning on is that the screen is frozen, or a software bug may be causing the problem. That is why you need to restart the iPhone forcibly if you want to fix that issue. However, you need to note that this may not result in data loss, so you can test this solution without any worries.

The steps which you have to perform to forcibly restart your phone have not changed; it will be the same if you do not know the steps; then take a look here:

  • Press the button volume up first and release it fast.
  • Press the button volume down and then release it fast too.
  • Now press and hold the side buttons and only release them when you see the logo of Apple on the screen. 
  1. Check the charger or charging port

Until now, you may be thinking that your iPhone 14 Pro is not turning back on because of some issue with the phone. But have you checked your charging cable? Is it working properly? Sometimes, the actual problem is in your charger. So, it is advised that you should inspect your charging cable first. If it is damaged, then you just visit the iPhone 14 Pro repair store in Oxford and buy a new one.

You can even consider checking the charging port because you may often find dirt inside it, which is why a proper power supply is not coming to the device. If that is the case, you can take a soft cotton cloth and thoroughly clean the port. 

  1. Take a look over the display

Your iPhone 14 pro may not turn on because its display is damaged. To check that, you need to press and hold the device's power button to turn it on. You need to put the device closer to the eye. If you hear any sound, that means your screen is okay, but if it is not like that, the screen may have a problem. 

  1. Contact Apple support

If you have done everything, but it is still not working, then that means there is some serious issue, and you need to contact the best iPhone 14 Pro repair store. Sometimes, when there is a hardware issue, it can cause a problem in the device. So, it will be better to immediately contact apple customer care; they will suggest a solution to your problem.

The Final Words

The iPhone 14 Pro is an amazing phone you can have, and you do not want the device to get into any problems once you purchase it. But still, some users face problems like not turning on, but these things can help you solve that. If you still face any problem then visit Repair My Phone Today.


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