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The laptop is inescapable for office life as we know the work locations becoming more flexible and most of us have shifted our offices to home. It is the widest used device among not only the employees but also the common man like mobile phones.

This is not a matter of surprise why this becomes more convenient and popular. It is the portability of the device that makes it favorable for everyone. A laptop is an indispensable tool for working at home, at the office, or on the move. Employees can work anywhere because all the documents and programs they need are on one device.

The foremost feature of laptop, mobility, and portability, sometimes makes it harm like an accident, makes the screen cracked which can quickly turn your entire day around.  If you place reliance on your laptop, a cracked screen makes discontinuance, and difficult to recover the data you needed urgently.

When this type of accident happens you should know why and how the screen cracked, how to care for laptops, then it is easier to prevent or reduce the chances of cracking the screen. First of all, provide adequate protection for your device by using a padded cover or sleeve.

Understanding how your laptop's screen can be cracked!

A screen is referred to as broken or cracked only when there are signs of physical damage. This can be identified by broken glass or black splotches on the display, like ink. The thickness of an LCD screen in laptops is tending to be around a quarter-inch. The screen has a specific bendable angle; it will crack when a screen is bent beyond this point. The screen is considered a durable one and can withstand daily usage. If the usage goes beyond, the screen becomes fragile and a blow directly or even the back can cause a crack in the screen.  In some cases, the LCD unit underneath the glass layer will crack and leads to the leakage of chemicals found inside the display. A screen can also be damaged by improper handling in opening or closing the laptop and cause an impact to the lid.

What to do with a cracked or broken laptop screen?  

There are several things you can do if your laptop screen seems to be broken. Breaking a single part as a screen feels like the whole device is now useless but a significant number of its components can be fixed or redesigned as laptops are built in a modular manner. If your device screen is broken then find some alternative options before throwing it into the towel.

  • Replace the broken display

It may seem like an inefficient and practically impossible process. Perhaps, nothing to lose now if your screen is smashed. Replacing a broken laptop screen requires a new screen and skill. A major thing to remember is to avoid picking up a laptop with one hand; it may cause damage to your screen. To avoid this find someone trustworthy, technically professional, and reliable laptop repairs nearby your home

  • By attaching an external monitor

You can confirm if the laptop is working fine or not by connecting with an external monitor. If you see lines, artifacts, discoloration, and oddities on your laptop screen or incase the external display shows the same problem as your laptop's screen, then the issue will be with the laptop's hardware, graphics card failure/processor failure, or sometimes software. In most cases, this would require a logic board replacement. The best decision is to consult with the laptop screen replacement services near to you. The well-resourced companies with high infrastructure to repair them can manufacture screens that work.

  • Issues related to the age of LCD

The most common defects that are related to the LCD panel are dead pixels, stuck pixels, and bright pixels. If your screen suddenly develops several black dots, instead of one, two, or three dead pixels indicate that your LCD is going bad and it will spread as time goes on. This issue is related to the age of the LCD and can be fixed with a new panel and can fix only with the trained technicians having experience in laptop screen replacement. Find a laptop screen repairs near me service to overcome this issue.

A broken or cracked laptop screen is nothing to worry about and before you going to throw your laptop in the trash the best thing you can do is to handover it to a laptop screen repair service center near to you for recycling. Despite all these, today’s laptops manufacturers concentrate on fashion over function, presenting you slimmer sleeker designs which in turn are making these devices more disposed to accidental damage.

A laptop screen replacement is not a tedious one. Repair My Phone Today offers you a fast turnaround screen replacement in the UK If you have a broken laptop screen, or any other issues related to the laptop display, contact us with the model and screen size and we will be at your service with technically efficient staffs to fix your laptop screen replacement. Repair My Phone Today is one of the leading laptop repairs in Oxfordshire.

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