MacBook Running Slow? Experts Share These 3 Tips to Speed It Up!

If you own an older Mac or a newly purchased Mac, a MacBook Air, or any other Apple product, you may experience a time when certain apps cease to function, or videos stop playing. Even though the MacBook is known for its smooth and seamless performance, this does not mean that it is faultless.

It is important to take extra care of your Macbook and ensure that it is properly upgraded to ensure that it continues to function properly. Therefore, if your Mac is running slowly, you should contact the MacBook repair store in Oxford. If you take it to the best place, they can assist you in speeding up. There are, however, other ways to help you, so let's take a look at those. 

What causes a MacBook to become Sluggish?

There are several reasons why your MacOS has become slow. As an example, the reason could be due to a shortage of SSDs or HDDs. Yes, both software and hardware could be responsible for this. If your Mac needs to be repaired, you should take it to an Apple service store in Oxford.    

Tips to speed it up

  1. Keep track of resource-hogging application

Whether you believe it or not, some applications, such as Google Chrome, may hog the system resources. That is why it is essential to stop, otherwise your MacBook will slow down. They usually hog the system resources such as energy, memory, or CPU.  

It may also trigger the issue of overheating. But what is the right way to hop on the resource application? It can become well with a built-in activity monitor application, making everything easy to track down. It is a crucial resource that most applications use. 

If you have found any application overusing your MacBook device's system resources, then it will be better to update them. If it is important, you can delete those applications that use the most power.

  1. Remove the useless apps and redundant files

You may have seen that in your system, there are several useless files or applications. You may not need those apps, which also use a lot of space in your MacBook, which is why it is lagging. But thankfully, on your MacBook, you can check the storage and which application has more storage based on the categories such as documents, messages, photos, and applications.

It becomes easy to capture everything from there and easily spot the culprits so you can get rid of them. To remove those applications, you need to follow these steps-

Step 1-At first, you need to click on the Apple Menu which will be available at the top right corner; there, you will find an option for About This Mac.

 Step 2- You need to ensure that the Storage tab is selected. From there, one can easily see the Storage on your Mac and click on Manage.

Step 3- There will be a Recommendation section; under that option, you may see the amount of storage that applications, messages, bins, and others are consuming. Now you can check each category and wipe out everything you do not require.

Besides that, you can also check the options where you can store photos, messages, files, and other items in iCloud. One can save space by optimizing recent files and photos.

Take note of the option of Optimize storage, which will allow you to save some space and delete the movies and TV shows you have already watched and do not want to watch again.

But sometimes, you may understand how to do it, or even after following these steps, the MacBook is still sluggish. So, in that case, you can go to Best MacBook repair in Oxford and they will help you!

  1. Update your macOS

Another way that will help in keeping your MacBook better and faster is through updates. Once you get the updated version of the operating system, then it will start working properly. Sometimes, people keep using outdated software versions, which can be chaotic.

To update that, you can head to the system preferences on the Apple Notebook and then software update and do the needful.


So, that is it! These are the best solutions one can have that will speed up your MacBook, but still, if your system does not work properly or is working slowly, then you can visit the best MacBook pro 16 inch repair in Oxford, and the professionals will help you out!


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