Samsung Repair Oxford Costs are Rising – 1 Year Warranty post Repair

Today consumers have more choice than ever online when they search for services like Samsung repair in oxford or Samsung S9 repair oxford or Samsung S8 Repair Oxford or Samsung screen repair oxford or Samsung S7 repair oxford and with the recent rise in repair costs for Samsung in Oxford, users of Samsung are on the lookout for cheaper options. Accidentally dropping your phone and picking it up only to find the screen shattered is a fairly common experience whilst apps restarting on their own, display screens turning blue or green, poor battery life, unresponsive touch IDs are frequent problems faced by many Samsung users in general.

If you are looking to get your Samsung repaired by Samsung in Oxford be ready to shelve some bucks as Samsung repairs by the smartphone giant don’t come cheap and can cause substantial damage to your bank balance despite the warranty (doesn’t cover accidental damage). You can always play it safe by opting for SamsungCare+ which includes accidental damage as coverage but then the chances of breaking the screen on your Samsung are pretty slim (we do tend to be extra careful with the same) and not really worth the investment.

In current updates, Samsung has notched up the prices for Samsung screen repairs. Hence, if your device has gone out of warranty, repairing the smashed Samsung screen can cost you almost £340.44. For those with SamsungCare+, the excess fee charged is £25 for screen repairs. If you are not covered under SamsungCare+ then Samsung charges you a whooping £356.44 for models like the Samsung8, Samsung7, Samsung 6s, Samsung SE, Samsung 6 and Samsung5.

Taking advantage of this situation, disreputable third party vendors in Oxford are claiming a life time warranty on replaceable components. The truth of the matter is such claims are against advertising standards as most vendors use parts that are not authentic. Though customers flock to this vendors to save out on costs, the lack of accountability on the part of these vendors more often than not land many of these customers into deep soup where no one wants to take any responsibility thereafter. On using such parts, you immediately loose the warranty on your Samsung. Even if the particular supplier guarantees a 3 month warranty on the product, in 90% of the cases most of the parts used will not be genuine and in future will cause unnecessary harassment to the customer when other compatible parts start failing.

The problem arises with the host of untrustworthy suppliers advertising lifetime warranty services on the internet when customers search for Samsung repair Oxford or Samsung repair in Oxford. With the internet becoming such an integral part of our lives, the customer should always cross check reviews on Google and Facebook to get an idea as to the real experience recorded by people when they visit such stores. Samsung repair costs can be expensive not to mention the snags that accompany the alternative repair options at untrustworthy third party shops.

The best you can do is head to a store that provides both quality services besides using authentic components for Samsung repairs Oxford. Stores like Repair My Phone Today not only provide excellent Samsung repair services but also try their best to stick to a service commitment. HT Solutions is another vendor you can head to for such services which was recently acquired and bought by Repair My Phone Today.

Certain firms are now providing facilities that assure the user their Samsungs can be repaired in 30 minutes. It is important to contemplate if professionals really can offer a service like Samsung repair within such a timeframe and ensure that the quality is perfect. To maintain a minimum standard of quality and parts, repair services need to make sure they unfailingly follow certain protocols that do not cause the customer nuisance in future.

However For minor problems, you can always try resolving the issue at home with the help of DIY tutorials online.

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