The ultimate trick to know if someone blocked your number on their iPhone

Are you worried that your loved one or family member may block your number because they haven’t returned your call or messages but you will get confused if they really blocked you or not? Apple has made it easy to block individual phone numbers to safeguard people's privacy from Robo-callers and Tinder matches but still, you can check if the iPhone owner blocked you or not through some tricks. There are several tricks that will potentially help you to decide if your mobile number has been blocked by an iPhone owner and if your number has been blocked by them, then the recipients will not get any ring or notification from your end. You can check if your number is blocked or not without their consent by following the below tricks. 


How to find out if someone blocks your number on an iPhone?


There is no proper solution to find out if someone has blocked your mobile number without directly seeing their block list in their device, but the best way to find out is to set up a test for yourself. We suggest you perform a quick test with your fellow family members or friends with another iPhone.




iMessage Not Delivered

If someone has blocked your number on their iPhone, you will not get notified but it can be easily identified through sending iMessage. Even after they block your number, you can still message them through iMessage but they cannot get your message or any notification on their iPhone. If you don't receive any delivery confirmation or reply from their end then your number is definitely blocked and we suggest you enable SMS texts on your device, if your device tries to resend the same message using your cellular plan, then you are blocked. If your message status never shows as “Delivered” or “Read” message, and it’s still blue, then you are probably blocked. 


Check for Call Block by Calling the iPhone


If you feel like they have blocked you then you can confirm it by simply giving a ring to their iPhone, if the call leads to one ring or no ring, you are blocked. If you before your call is dropped, then it is possible your number is blocked through their wireless carrier.


Going Straight to Voicemail


If your texts were unanswered, and there is no delivery verification, there is a chance that your iPhone is out of service for many reasons which cannot be predicted. If your message still is not delivered after several hours then you can come to the conclusion that you are blocked but still you can check that by following the instructions. If the recipient’s iPhone has voicemail setup, then you can send voice mail even though they blocked you and when you call the number after multiple rings, if it goes to voice mail then there is a possibility that they may block you. Getting to voicemail does not mean that you are blocked, there can be several situations such

  • the recipient is active on another call, so they cannot pick your call.


  • The recipients are in an area with low tower coverage or their iPhone is switched off.


  • The iPhone does not have cellular service, or there is a problem with the network.
  • If their line is busy or they may be in another call.



Could It Be Do Not Disturb Mode?


Incase if they put their device on Do Not Disturb Mode, they did not receive your call or your iMessage and when their iPhone comes out of Do Not Disturb, they will receive your notification. You will receive delivery notification for your messages even though they put their device is Do Not Disturb Mode.


Check by calling from another number 


This may sound simple but trust me this will work for you, if you feel like they have blocked you then you can confirm it bu simply giving a ring to their device from another person mobile number and if you reach them from another mobile number then you can clearly identify that you are blocked.




If the above methods do not work out, then the best way to find out why they don’t accept your call or messages is asking them face to face, this may feel weird but there is no option left out.if you cannot find that you are blocked or not by following the suggested methods, then can straightly head to the person and ask them the reason for blocking.








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