Tips and tricks to save battery on Apple Watch

Whenever we get a new device, let it be an iPhone,iPad, or Apple watch or anything we will be very excited to experience it and to use all of the features. When you start to explore, the battery will begin to drain and it becomes a worrying factor for everyone. Here Repair My Phone Today aims to give some awareness about how to extend or maximize your Apple Watch battery life without disabling more features on your watch.

Apple has designed the Apple Watch with a battery life of 18 hours, but depending on your usage it will change, you might see better or worse battery life. Below are some tips and tricks to maximize the battery life of your watch, you can select which one would you allow to experience and enjoy most of the features, no matter which model you own.

1. Adjusting screen brightness

A brighter screen uses more battery power for every electronic device like phones, watches .iPads, etc. If you are an enthusiastic user of Apple Watch or iPhones, turning down the screen brightness is an obvious battery saver for your device. The battery life and screen brightness are inversely proportional to each other. As the Apple Watch features an OLED display, each pixel illuminates itself. To increase battery life don't use a full-screen watch face like the Photo face and try to use the one with black space it will extend the battery on Apple Watch. Thus, adjusting the brightness of the screen of your Apple Watch could be decisive to improve Apple Watch battery life.

2. Turn off notifications

Getting too many notifications to your wrist from iPhone is an annoying factor and a cause for draining the battery as well. By turning off the tab on the Watch app on your iPhone is the best way to avoid unwanted notifications and will make you more focused by improving the battery life.

3. Disabling Wake on Wrist Raise

For easy viewing, the sensors, Apple-designed its watches in a way that whenever you raise your hand the display will be active. Unfortunately, it made a negative impact on the battery of your watch. By toggling off Wake Screen on Wrist Raise you can overcome this type of draining battery power. 

4. Turning off the heart rate monitor

The heart rate monitor always tracks your heart rate ie every couple of minutes it alerts you about your fitness. So by doing this battery life unstoppably takes a tiny punch. You can disable the heart rate monitor by going to Motion & Fitness and turn off it.

5. Updating to the latest software:

By updating the Apple software at times might be the solution to your battery-related issues. Always make sure your Apple Watch is using the latest version of watchOS.If an update is available on your device, download the new updates and most probably, it will fix the battery draining 

6. Turn on power-saving mode

The Apple Watch is one of the best ways to track your fitness progress during workouts. But the Watch constantly monitors your heart rate as well. That will cause a significant battery drain on your device. For preserving the battery power during your work out you can turn on power-saving mode for disabling the sensors of your Apple Watch

However, there are some of the tips and tricks that help you to resolve the issue with a sudden battery drain on your Apple Watch and you can ensure that the power of the battery remains the whole day. Here are some features that you can turn down to save battery.

1. Turning 

Off the Always-On Display helps to save the battery in a small bit.

2. Reducing ECG and Heart Rate checking is also another battery saver even though it is related to your health, it is not necessary to check it continuously.

3. We can save some juice by temporarily stopping Activity Reminder.

4. Animation and automatic resizing will drain the battery on your Apple Watch, you can solve the issue by turning on Reduce Motion. 

5. When you find your Apple Watch battery is low, then limit your Music listening and other activities such as podcasts or games. 

We know it is very difficult to make obstruction on all the features of the Apple Watch to save battery, instead of that we are giving you some suggestions that you can opt for the one which suits you best for experiencing your Apple Watch. Once you have charged your watch well and sorted your sudden drain issue on your device, you can use all the features uninterruptedly.

If you wish to fix Apple Watch issues, or you need an Apple Watch battery replacement for exploring all the features of your Apple Watch, you can contact Repair My Phone Today team. We will assist with our experienced and trained technicians.

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