Top 5 Macbook Repair Services at our store

Each consumer depends upon their MacBooks to operate and run their organization if you use a MacBook you can experience both Apple’s hardware and software components. They facilitate smooth and hassle less experience. MacBook is one of the most expensive among the electronic items. The MacBook is developed and sold by Apple inc. if your MacBook undergoes a malfunction such as a screen fault, battery problem, charge point repair, and hardware problem. We are the authorized service provider of apple and offer services at a very low cost. Here we have a group of technicians skilled in repairing services. We provide original products for changing and replacement.

MacBook Screen Repair

In this period several new Apple’s MacBook computer series are released and components of the devices are changed. Based on the type of MacBook you use replacement cost will differ. If you brought AppleCare+ for your MacBook Pro then you will get two incidents of acid coverage. If your warranty period is running you can easily change your phone without a heavy cost. At our stores, screen replacements will vary depending on the size and model of your device. We are providing quality service and premium parts with a lifetime warranty. Protect your laptop from scrapes, dings, scratches, and cracked screens by using a computer case and screen protector. It is very complicated the issue and can only be resolved by certified professionals. The following tools are required to do replacement: microfiber cloth, Suction Handle, New MacBook Pro screen. We handle with care and give you a better result.

 MacBook Battery Replacement

Batteries are manufactured to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 1000 complete charge cycles. Apple replacement policy includes replacement coverage for a defective battery. Most of the rechargeable battery has a limited life span depend on the device and setting you used. It may cause malfunctions such as defects in charge times, battery power, and other malfunctions. If your battery shows any problem it is the time for a replacement. Apple switched to builtin batteries long before because they are more compact, safer for a consumer and make the MacBook slimmer. Some MacBook model batteries may expand for this kind of problem Apple will replace eligible batteries in free of cost. Use serial number checker to identify if your model avails free replacement. If you have further queries contact apple support. If your battery service covered by warranty, consumer law. You can save your service costs.

MacBook Water Damage Repair

It is the most delicate repair because even minor spills can damage the total system which requires a lot of tools and expertise.dont dried with alcohol at the end you may burn the device. When the water damage occurs then liquid will spoil all the logic board and another component inside the device. The liquid will begin to eat up the metal, silicone, and other fiberglass components. If the water contacts with power battery corrosion start to appear and it gradually corrodes the material. You need the following tools to repair the devices such as

  • Tool kit to repair the electronics
  • Distilled water to clean off sugary particles
  • Isopropyl alcohol as a reagent component to clean damaged components minute
  • Stereo microscope to inspect minute components
  • Soldering iron to do the soldering for certain problems
  • Ultrasonic cleaner to remove corrosion from logic boards
  • Replace it with apple genuine parts. 

These are the steps involved in repairing of water damaged MacBook.

MacBook Pro hard drive replacement 

Hard drives are the components used for storing information and if your moving parts fail there will be a problem in hard drives. The following are the sign occur if your hard drive is in fault

  • If the system runs slower and frequently freezes
  • Files are corrupted and not opening as well as starts disappearing
  • Your system will make repetitive noise

MacBook Pro charging port repair

We need food, shelter, and water for survival likewise electronic devices needed charging to perform well. If the charging is not satisfied or there is any problem in the charging port the total system will collapse. They are the very complex and sensitive part of the laptop and if any problem persists do not repair the device by yourself. If your laptop has that type of problem reach out to the service technicians immediately. You can diagnose the charge port problem simply. If your device is charging only at a certain angle this can be due to if your charge port is loose or the charge port maybe burn. Repair is required if you see black residues around the phone. if the pins in the charge port are broken or bent. We identify the correct problem and gives you a perfect solution.


These are the top 5 services offered by our organization at an affordable cost and better quality. We provide service for apple products with reasonable prices and replacement with better quality.

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