What should you do if you crack your iPhone screen?

Smashing the screen on your iPhone is the common issue faced by smartphone users. When you drop your phone from height, the screen will get broken and you will be confused wondering about what to do next.The first thing you need to do is stay safe because when the phone screen cracks, there are normally a lot of sharp glass shards poking out. There is a possibility that you may cut your hands while touching the broken glass and the best way to prevent this kind of accident is covering the screen with a clearing packing tape. We suggest you go for a phone screen replacement rather than changing the whole device because upgrading to another version requires a lot of money.

Assess the Damage

The next steps you have to do are analyzing the damage and ask the following questions to yourself: how deep the screen is broken? Is it a minor crack? Is the screen completely damaged? Are there several cracks found on the screen?

If the damage is small, you can visit the nearest Apple store to see if they can offer any technical help at an affordable price. If the damage is severe then it does not cover under warranty because Apple does not provide coverage for physical damage. If you have AppleCare, you can still get a free service from Apple store in case of severe physical damage 

How to protect an iPhone screen

The best way to protect your phone is to prevent the damage and use a screen protector to avoid cracks.

If your iPhone is cracked here is what should you do  

Go to Apple repair center 

Apple repair center has authorized skilled professionals who have experience in handling this kind of screen repair issue but they did not do it for free cost. Even though your device comes under warranty, you should pay for screen replacement because Physical damages do not come under warranty. If your device has extra issues like dent or bend in its frame, they charge you even more. If you don’t have Apple care+, remember you are going to pay a very big amount to solve your issue. AppleCare+ includes repairs for up to two cases of accidental or physical damage but still, customers need to spend some extra amount along with new screen costs.

If you need to fix your phone immediately, try for other options you may want to consider.

Doorstep repair services 

Many people are not used to this  Doorstep repair services but this is an excellent option to repair your phone. In this service, the repair center will send a highly-skilled, certified technician directly to your location where they’ll repair your iPhone on the spot. These types of repair services are cheaper than going for an Apple repair center and at the same time, you can save your lot of time & effort. 

Local iPhone Repair center

The other option is going to repair shops near your location and there are millions of repair shops found in every nooks & corner. Typically, we don’t encourage people to go for this choice because you have no idea about their approach and spare parts. If you think of still getting help from the local repair center, then do proper research and read reviews of your local store before going in. Remember one thing before getting a repair from a local shop, if Apple realizes that your iPhone has been repaired with a 3rd-party screen then Apple will refuse to repair your phone in future.

Mail-In Repair Services

This is the popular option to repair your iPhone screen and it is a convenient option for people who live far away from civilization. You can save your considerable amount of money on iPhone repair but mail-in services are very slow- returning your device can take up to two weeks or even more long.

Fix-It Yourself

If you have some technical knowledge then you can fix your iPhone by yourself but it is not the easy process as you think. There are dozens of small components present in your device, so there is a high possibility that you may misplace some components or level something out of place. Open to the risk and have a specialized toolkit with you to repair the device, but do not expect that Apple bail you out in case of any malfunctions. If you have enough fortune and technical skills, you can fix your broken screen or replacing a broken screen by yourself.


I hope this blog helps you to find out what to do next when your iPhone screen is broken and do the steps to save your device from cracked screens. Keep in mind that you backed up your device data before going for any of the mentioned options.


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