Dell XPS 13 9360 Core i7 7500U

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Dell XPS 13 9360 Core i7 7500U Repair

Dell XPS 13 9360 Core i7 7500U Repair

In this modern era, nearly everyone uses laptops and computers. At times our laptop gets defected which needs to be repaired or replaced as early as possible to again start with your work. In that situation, you do not need to move here and there, as Repair My Phone Today is here to help you. Repair My Phone Today is the one-stop solution for laptop repair in Oxford. We provide laptop repair/replacement services for all models of Dell laptops, including Dell Alienware, Dell XPS, Dell Inspiron, Dell Precision, Dell Vostro, Dell Latitude. Here you will get top-class repair services at an affordable price. Repair My Phone Today as one of the best laptop repair service providers is loaded up with technical experts who diagnose the laptop's issue as early as possible. In case your laptop has a minor issue, our specialized tech repair experts will fix it on the same day*. In case the issue is major, you also do not need to worry since we value your time. We make every possible effort to repair your device in quick succession. You will get one of the fastest repairing services at Repair My Phone Today.

Why choose us?

Below are some of the reason why you should choose us

  • Lifetime Warranty: We specialize in laptop repair services, and our most offered products also come with a lifetime warranty.

  • 100% quality parts: Since we have a team of highly experienced technicians who make every effort to repair your laptop while repairing a laptop, we use 100% quality parts, so that laptops operate smoothly and new ones.
  • Price match promise: Apart from using the top-quality part while repairing the laptop, we ensure that our repairing and replacement cost matches customers' budget.
  • Exclusive discount: We also provide an exclusive discount on the laptop's repairing no matter your laptop has a minor defect or the major one.
  • Qualified engineers: We have a team of qualified engineers who never step back from repairing the laptop as early as possible. Furthermore, we always make sure that our clients are happy with our services.
  • No Fix, No Fee: In case some laptops are not repairable or even after many hours of inspection, they cannot be repaired, then we do not charge any fee if the laptop's issue is not resolved.

Laptop Repair Service

Some of our laptop repair/replacement services include:

  • Laptop screen repair: Sometimes it happens that due to some mishap our laptop screen gets broken. It becomes challenging to work on the cracked screen. The technicians at Repair My Phone Today have a specific team who can fix the dell laptop screen with ease using the right tools and supplies.

  • Battery replacement: The battery is one of the laptop's major parts, making an electronic device operate. The performance of your laptop depends on its battery quality. Sometimes, due to overuse, our laptop battery starts getting drained, which can affect your computer's efficiency. Now experts at Repair My Phone Today make sure that your Dell Laptop issues related to battery repair and replacement resolve quickly.

  • Keyboard replacement: The keyboard is one of the essential components in the usage of a laptop or computer. However, at times we face a keyboard breakdown. Several reasons cause a defect in the keyboard of your laptop. You can approach Repair My Phone Today services for a keyboard replacement.

  • Water Damage: If your laptop comes into contact with water, which leads to water damage to your device. It is one of the most irritating problems as it may keep you away from your device for a more extended time. Considering your time's worth, Repair My Phone Today makes every possible effort to repair dell laptops easier and faster.

  • Overheating: Laptop or computer overheating is one of the most common issues, which many laptop users face. The main reason behind the overheating is that dust builds up on the fan of your computer, which results in overheating. Our technician deep cleans your computer or laptop's internal parts to reduce the heating problem.

  • Virus/malware removal: Virus or malware is one of the most dangerous things that can affect our laptop or computer's performance. If a virus makes its way into your computer, it profoundly confuses the functioning of your laptop. It is always recommended to install the anti-virus on your computer to protect it from viruses. In case you’re not professional, you can visit Repair My Phone Today to remove the virus and install anti-virus on your computer or laptop.
  • Other software & hardware issues: Repair My Phone Today is a well-reputed company that deals in PC Repair Oxford and make sure that after repairing your laptop looks as good as a new one. Apart from several services, our technicians also repair the software & hardware issues of your computer and laptops.

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