Information collection and use

At Repair My Phone today, parts we use which are genuine or high graded third-party replacement which are equivalent in reliability and performance. We do not claim to represent Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Microsoft or any other Phone or Computer manufacturer, nor do we have any affiliation with these manufacturers in any way, shape or form.

Repairs performed by any third party may void your warranty. We are not responsible for the water damage, physical damage (includes crack screen or lcd, bent frame or corners, broken home button, broken camera or any other physical damage) done by customer once repaired from us or any previous physical/water damage had been done due to drop.

We carry on all the repair works onsite in our stores and in some cases we might send the devices to our technical lab in order to carry on the complicated third level board repair. However, we will inform the Customer and get their approval before we carry on such repairs.

On customer request we might visit the customer place and carry on the repair in their location depends upon the availability of our engineer. Or else we may arrange the device Pickup and drop service to the customer location.

Repairmyphone.today asks for information at various intervals through the website/e-mail/phone etc. Repairmyphone.today assures you that no information will be shared or sold to any third-party under any circumstance.

Repairmyphone.today uses a registration form to collect information from you. The information is mandatory in order to avail our services. The information includes first name, last name, contact address, contact phone number, e-mail, etc. The said information is used to make our services more personalized and reachable for our customers.

Repairmyphone.today might send communications to you through your e-mail address informing you about our services and/or promotions we might offer. We might also send communications related to new developments in the PC industry. You might also receive alerts on online security threats and advisories on how to safeguard your PCs from such threats.

You can opt out of such promotions by mailing to us and opt in later. You will however continue to receive security related messages, legally mandated notices, and critical messages.

In case there are some changes in your contact information, you can contact Repairmyphone.today through e-mail or phone and get the changes done.

Security of your information

Repairmyphone.today uses the most advanced technologies and procedures to secure your personal information. We do not record any credit card information nor we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Use of cookies

A small data file called a cookie may get stored on your PC, the moment you visit our website. The cookie is used to track your online stay on our site. The cookie is completely harmless as it only contains personal yet non-sensitive information about you. It cannot retrieve any other information from your PC.

Repairmyphone.today only uses cookies to generate the site visitation data to check the effectiveness of our website structure and gauge user patterns. However, it’s our assurance to you that while doing so, your information remains secure.

You can turn the cookies off in your browser in case you don’t want to get them stored in your PC.

Access to other websites

The Repairmyphone.today website may have links to other websites. You can access these sites by just clicking on the link provided. The logo may be there on other websites as well. However, Repairmyphone.today is not responsible for any content that appears on such websites. Repairmyphone.today also does not have any control on the cookies they may send on your device.

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