Is Apple care really worth the money?

That’s a question many have been pondered over time and again. Experts, critics and reviewers have been drawing statistics for a while now to figure out which is/are the best option(s). Again the math varies from person to person depending on how vulnerable they are to the chances of damaging their iPhones and to what extent as well. For example, if you have a comparatively cheaper and older model of iPhone and don’t do a lot of moving around, AppleCare may arguably not be the best option for you. Again if you own an over-the-top iPhone like the 7 Plus you may as well opt for AppleCare.

“Either way, we need to retrospect from past experiences of our customers who visited us to get their iPhones repaired, people who didn’t and chose other alternatives and the rest,” says a technician at Repair My Phone Today in Oxford.

These days we don’t really come across Apple Care anymore. Rather, AppleCare+ is more relevant in the light of the mere fact that Apple Care is no more de-facto. Apple’s legal expanded terms and conditions for AppleCare+, the protection scheme, covers flaws in materials and workmanship, the inability of iPhone device to hold a minimum of 80% charge and accidental damage (damage caused by drops and liquid) etc.

Apple Care+, however, doesn’t cover protection in cases of theft, normal wear and tear and willful reckless use of the device intentionally. Is it wise to opt for services of Apple Care+ given the terms and conditions?

As mentioned already, it may seem pretty handy if you have owned a more expensive model of the iPhone. In most cases, the customers do end up on the losing side of the bargain because nothing unfortunate happened to their phones. Or the damage done was so petty that it didn’t compensate for the money they paid. This brings us to the out of warranty costs. In cases of normal screen repair, Apple Care+ may just be a win situation for you. However, it is advisable to go through the math carefully considering factors like how often you use the phone and for what purposes.

Apple Care+ is for customers who use their iPhones frequently for work

To investigate if Apple Care+ is truly worth all the hassle, we interviewed clients of Repair My PhoneToday Oxford. On researching, we found that customers who use their iPhones frequently for work should consider if they can afford to do without their devices while people living in towns with no Apple Stores could well go for Apple Care+.

“You may buy Apple extended warranty in Oxford and get in touch with us for other information. But then if you are someone who plans on using their devices for extended periods, it can be safe to consider getting a warranty. Else if you are someone who changes their phones every year or two and are less prone to damage your device, it might not be worth at all. iPhone repairs can be expensive but in the end, it all depends on your needs,” says the manager.

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