Apple iPhones too have had their share of issues

Like any other spectacular technology and its glitches that we have witnessed over the last few decades, Apple iPhones too have had their share of issues. Screen damage, problems with home button, unresponsive apps, sluggish and slow performance after updates have plagued the iPhone fraternity time and again.

These problems have been prominent in cases when iPhone users chose to replace damaged parts through third party repair services. Grievances mounted when iPhone 6 and 6s users effectively found their devices disabled after they tried to update their phones. The iPhone error 53 made headlines a while back when iPhone users found all their data erased and their phones ineffective.

While investigating real problems for our readers and to gain insight into these glitches, we interviewed the team at Repair My Phone Today that specialises in iPhone repair and operates in Oxford. On talking to the team, we found that the Error 53 is a problem that mostly affects iPhones with the fingerprint sensor and where the module or the home button has been serviced by any third party. But the error only appears when the user tries to perform a system update on the iPhone.

“If you are getting your iPhone 6 repair or iPhone 6s repair by a third party, your phone will work fine as long as you don’t accept the software update. However, make sure that the shop carrying out the repair provides you with a 12-month warranty on iPhone repair services so that as a consumer you are protected. Also ensure that the repair centre is using genuine Apple compatible parts,” advises the manager at Repair My Phone Today in Oxford.

Back up your data regularly

Though iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s repairs have had several iPhone users in a fix over the Error 53 problem, there are certain things to remember when you are getting your iPhone serviced/repaired. Though the Error 53 makes a lot of sense from the security point of view (unoriginal and third party modules can easily take control of your phone especially if you are using your fingerprint to unlock sensitive data and payment information), we would recommend backing up your phones regularly so that you don’t lose your data if you do encounter the problem.

You could definitely go ahead and get your iPhone repaired today from some third party and not update your phone, but Repair My Phone Today technicians advise getting those parts replaced with genuine Apple alternatives like iPhone 7 plus screen repair. For one you do not want to miss out on the iOS updates that enhance the performance of the phone in general besides addressing various security concerns.

“Repair My phone today” is a specialist and new repair centre dealing in Apple products in Oxford and can be easily found on major search engines if you search for “iPhone repair Oxford” or iPhone screen replacements Oxford or Apple repair Oxford

“Sure it will cost you more money if you decide to go for original parts but it is not really worth saving if you eventually end up with a dead phone,” says the manager.

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