How To Replace An IPad Air Screen

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Here is a guide to replace an iPad Air screen

  • The suggested tools to complete this repair are a heat gun or a hairdryer, a metal pry tool guitar picks a small Phillips screwdriver, nylon spudger, or a plastic pry tool and adhesive strips, we will also find that using suction cup can come in handy when removing the large touchscreen.

  • To begin take your heat gun or hair dryer and start applying heat to the outer edges of the screen in order to warm up and loosen the adhesive that secures the screen to the inner bezel after you have loosened the adhesive enough you will need to find an entry point to insert your pry tool underneath the glass to pry up the screen

  • If you are replacing a shattered glass touch screen as a tip you can cover the screen and clear tape such as packing tape or scotch tape this will help keep the broken pieces together

  • As you pry the crack screen off you want to start on the left-hand side of the iPad because the Flex cables for the touchscreen are located at the right and you may not want to damage them with your pry tool once you have found a good spot to get your pry tool underneath the glass you can insert an additional pry tool or guitar picks to start releasing the adhesive that secures the screen to the inner bezel you can use multiple guitar picks as shims to prevent them from setting back onto the adhesive but also has leverage when prying up the screen and you are going to want to keep your heat gun handy as you will most likely need to reapply heat a few times to loosen more of the adhesive you want to work your way along all sides gently releasing the adhesive from the glass

  • Note: One thing that you want to be very cautious of is not to insert your pry tool too far underneath the screen because you can easily damage the surface of LCD

  • Once you have freed the left side of the screen you'll need to repeat the steps for the bottom and topsides slides your pry tool along the edges and sides and insert additional; guitar picks and necessary to keep the screen propped up from the adhesive.

  • You as mentioned before you may need to reapply heat as necessary to help loosen up stubborn areas.

  •  Once you have pried out the top left and bottom sides of the screen you can then use your heat gun to help you fold over the screen from the left side towards the right like a book.

  • If you are replaying a bad LCD screen you want to be very cautious not to tear the cables that are still connected to the motherboard to your glass touch screen next we are going to remove the LCD screen to do this you will need to remove four small Phillips screws located in all the corners of the LCD here circled in red you will see the screw locations some of the screws may be covered with some of the factory adhesive so you may have to do some poking around to find the screw location to remove it.

  • As a reminder, all of these screws are the same size so you won't have to worry about mixing up. just place them in a pile off to the aside for assemble

  • Next, you are going to lift out the LCD screen start from the top and pull it towards you the LCD flex cable connection is located underneath this silver shield as you can see at the bottom right you will need to remove the three small Phillips screws in order to remove the silver shield that's covering the connections for the touchscreen as well as the LCD screen these screws are also the same size so you won't have to worry about getting them mixed up just place them off to the side and a neat pile for reassembly

  • Be aware that the LCD flex cable is adhered to the underside of the silver shield we find it easiest to take your nylon spudger or pry tool and pry from underneath the LCD flex cable to release the pop connection and the shield.

  • With the connections now exposed first release the jawbone connection by lifting the black tab using your pry tool and slide out the ribbon cable.

  • Next, you will then have to pop connections remaining to release the glass touchscreen gently lift up the underneath socket using a pry tool to release the connections now you are ready to install your new touch screen but before installing a new glass touch screen you will need to clean up any glass shards or debris from the adhesive in order to be sure that you have a clean and flush application of your new screen in some cases you may choose to remove all the old adhesive and apply a clean layer.

  • We usually apply a layer of double- sided adhesive tape at Repair My Phone Today, when you are doing it you will want to cover to ensure your new screen fits flush inside the bezel.

  • Before you install a new touch screen make sure to remove all the white film that is covering the double sided adhesive.

  • To install your new touchscreen digitizer you will need to first attach the two pop connections in the correct sockets on the motherboard, make sure they are secure by pressing firmly until you feel them pop into place.

  • Next, insert your home button flex cable into the slot of its jawbone connection make sure the cable is fully inserted inside the slot then secure the connection by folding down the black tab you can use your pry tool to help insert the ribbon cable in the socket.

  • Now you are ready to install your LCD screen give both the inside of your glass touchscreen and the surface of the LCD a quick wipe down using a microfiber cloth to remove any fingerprints or dust.

  • If you did not replace the LCD screen and flex cable is still adhered to the metal shield line up the screw locations and gently pop the connections back into its socket.

  • Now you will need to install the three small Phillips screws in their locations.

  • Next, you are ready to lay your LCD back inside the inner housing make sure the screw locations line up properly and give your screens another quick wipe down.

  • Next, you need to install the four small Phillips crews in each corner of your LCD.

  • Finally, flip over your glass touch screen and align it properly so it fits flush inside the bezel be careful not to touch the inside of the touch screen or the LCD so you don't leave any fingerprints sealed underneath the glass.

  • Press firmly on all edges to set the adhesive for firm and long-lasting hold.

Congratulations, if you have followed all the above steps carefully you might have successfully iPad screen replacement correctly.

If you feel this process tiresome or could not accomplish doing it on your own, don't word visit Repair My Phone Today store or Contact us. We will fix your screen within no time and deliver it to your doorstep

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