Your iPhone or iPad Isn’t Charging Properly?

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Try these simple steps and make your phone work. It can be a little frustrating when your iPhone or iPad is not charging. Here are a few quick troubleshooting tips on what to do when your iPhone or iPad isn't charging properly-

There can be various minor issues that can be fixed by the user itself, anything other than these you must contact Apple Service Centre for further assistance

  • Remove the debris from the device Lightning port:


Even though the Lightning port is designed with less damaging possibilities, there are tons and tons of complaints on iPhone's Lightning cables. If this ain't the cable issue, try cleaning the Lightning port. Because the lightning port can easily get accumulated with dust or some dirt especially if you are keeping it in your pocket or purse.

If your facing issues such as the device gets charged for few seconds again disconnects, again later starts charging when you plug it forcibly, this might be a problem from the lint accumulated in the Lightning port.

We recommend you use the anti-static cleaning brush that may cost you around $5, that will be of the same quality tool as the anti-static cleaning tool used by technicians at Apple. Another solution could be, a toothpick - use a toothpick and rubbing alcohol to remove the dust or lint accumulated in the lightning port.


  • Examine your Charging Block


If your lightning port is clean enough yet your iPhone or iPad won't charge, next in line we have to investigate the charger. There might be a few issues with iPhone or iPad for charging if you do not use the charger provided for the particular device. Not all the iPhones chargers are created equally. 

So try it with the official Apple charger provided exclusively for that iPhone or iPad. You can use other same quality matching charger, but we mostly recommend you to use the official Apple charger.

  • Check your Cable


If you feel your charger is working perfectly fine, it is time to examine your cable. After those thousand times of plugging and unplugging the cable might have worn out and still be working fine. But sometimes the inner connections might have broken or damaged. Try charging with the different cable. We suggest you to always use the certified Apple Lightning cables.

  • Try different plug for power option


Sometimes it can the fault from the power supplying plug too. Try a different plugging outlet or the wall power outlet with USB charging adapter and try.

You can even try charging your iPhone with the help of your computer, Try plugging your charging cable into a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port, not the ones on the keyboards.

Else you can even try other power accessories such as plugging your cable into a powered USB hub, docking station or other accessories that are Apple-certified.

  • Contact Apple Support


Even after all this hustle or none of the above didn't solve your problem it is time to get your device checked. If the problem isn't from cables and charger it must be definitely from Lightning port. Although the iPhone is constructed from a metallic body the lightning port is week and detachable it is easily replaceable too. Don't worry if you feel there is any problem that needs to be fixed in your iPhone or iPad contact Apple support team or you can rather choose the Repair My Phone Today store at UK, here they give your device a free check-up and are authorized service providers. We pick up the device from your place, fix your iPhone and deliver it to your doorsteps.

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