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All subject to what kind of damage has been done to your phone and whom you are getting it fixed from. iPhone is perhaps one of the most extravagant creeds of smartphones available in the market today. Warranty, accidental damage protections, insurance and extended warranty on payment are a boon when paying a visit to repair and service centres. But again these covers are very specific in their applicability and limitation.

The thing about one year warranty is that it doesn’t cover accidental damage like a busted screen. If they agree to replace your screen for free you are lucky. However, when you are let down or asked to pay a ridiculous amount of money, you may choose to settle for alternate cheaper parts. Be careful not to step into a non-authorized Apple service store when looking to repair iPhones.

“They often claim to have original parts but they can’t because Apple doesn’t retail its parts. There are of course alternatives to have your phone looking good as new. Here at Oxford, Repair My Phone Today provides iphone repair quotes free if you want,” says the manager of the store.

Repair my phone today” is a specialist and new repair centre dealing in Apple products in Oxford and can be easily found on major search engines if people search for “iPhone repair Oxford” or “iPhone screen replacements Oxford” or “Apple repair Oxford” or  iPhone 7 Repair Oxford

On delving further, we found that apart from iPhone screen replacements and other common iPhone repairs in Oxford, Repair My Phone Today also provides services to fix sound issues, poor phone call/speaker quality, loss of 3D touch feedback etc.

Other issues relate to Bluetooth like trouble maintaining a steady Bluetooth connection to wireless devices or car systems. Some have observed an abominable drain of battery while connected to external devices.

“When coming in for iPhone repair, users have also complained about their cameras displaying black or green colour with a message- ‘Emergency iPhone needs to cool down’. Lagging and inaccuracy of GPS is another problem. That said it can be fixed if you follow a few simple steps.

Some users were unable to receive texts and messages from iPhone 6 or 6s phones while still receiving messages from other contacts. Other problems relating to iPhone repair include inability to update to iOS 10, enlarged images or icons gobbling the entire screen space and unresponsive touch screens,” quotes the manager again.

Our research on iPhone repair Oxford led us to users who suffer from these problems on a regular basis. Most often than not, customers had to spend a substantial amount in getting their phones fixed. The unique courtesy of Repair My Phone Today to provide an iPhone repair free quotation can be a great step towards building trust when it comes to repairs. After all, settling for unoriginal parts to go easy on the pocket can lead to even more complications as iPhone is modelled to be extremely secure and safe.

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