A number of problems that have surfaced in Samsung handsets

Samsung phones have been facing a lot of problems lately. There have been reports from customers about a number of problems that have surfaced in Samsung handsets. These involve poor memory management, unresponsive apps and apps that seem to restart and close on their own even in the presence of free memory. A few tricks and tips recommended by the technicians at Repair My Phone
Today Oxford may come in handy in such situations and even work but frequent occurrences of such problems can be both annoying and troublesome for the user.

We have had cases in which Samsung handsets having battery powers in the range of 2550mAh or so don’t even last through the day. They are both quick to charge and quick to drain. Some Samsung phone repair centres in Oxford suggest turning off apps that aren’t in use or switching off wifi as an alternative solution but that’s no good,” says a person at Repair My Phone Today.

The irreplaceable battery makes things worse. On investigating the issue further, we were surprised that this problem was not properly addressed in Samsung s7. Samsung 7 plus repair relating to battery issues are not possible but can be curbed to some extent. Lowering the screen brightness and setting screen timeout to a minute or 30 seconds might help but Samsung 7 plus repairs can be troublesome with the battery being irremovable.

While some Samsung 7 plus repairs resort to turning off display animations and other features to speed things up, others struggle with keeping their phone charged at all times. The camera is great but don’t be surprised when you see “warning; camera failed”.



Black Screen Issue?

Repair My Phone Today, which specialises in Samsung phone repair Oxford, reported cases where customers came to them with the ‘Black screen’ issue. “The screen simply doesn’t work; neither does any other key or button. The notification light keeps blinking, music still plays but the phone remains blank and black. Also, there is a green screen problem often faced by our customers,” says a technician at the centre.

“We have had a number of such cases of Samsung phone repair in Oxford and we are aware of the drill. Some were stunned that their rear camera glass shattered for no reason at all. There is no definitive answer to that but these issues on Samsung 7 repairneed to be looked into,” he adds.

Repair My phone today” is a specialist and new repair centre dealing in Samsung products in Oxford and can be easily found on major search engines if people search for “Samsung repair Oxford” or Samsung screen repair Oxford” or “Samsung S6 repair Oxford”.

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