Top 5 PS4 Problems and Solutions

If you recently purchased a PS4 and suddenly you started encountering problems while using it then this guide will explain the common PS4 problems and solutions that will help you get back to playing your PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro faster and better without even the need of Sony ps4 repair service or any sort of replacements. Throughout the year, we have taken an account of several new PS4 issues that are occurring more frequently. With time new features are updating so chances of new issues might also increase as compared to earlier. 

One of the best ways is to keep yourself updated with the latest list of PS4 problems so that you can enjoy playing faster without any hassle. You can use Sony alert section to read and share your fixes and issues with the other PlayStation 4 users. In this guide, we have listed some of the common issues and their fixes that can help you somewhere. If still you are unable to resolve the error on your own then you should connect with the experts of the PlayStation Repair Centre Oxford near you. In case you are confused about whom to trust, then feel free to connect with the experts of Repair My Phone Today. 

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List of Top 5 PS4 Problems and Solutions


  1. Blinking Blue Light Issue
  2. PS4 WIFI problem
  3. The issue of PS4 Crashes or Freezes Frequently
  4. Fluctuating Red Indicator Light
  5. Auto disc eject issue or PS4 doesn’t eject at all


Problem 1: Blinking Blue Light Issue


While trying to boot your PS4 the side LED light on the console should momentarily pulse blue before switching to white. But, In case your console has some issues then the blue light fluctuating continuously without turning white. This is mostly noted to usually follow by the Sony PlayStation 4 inexplicably turning off. This is a result of faulty video output when the console is unable to trigger a signal to the TV. Try the solutions and you might able to troubleshoot the error on your own. In case the issue is not resolved then you might need the ps4 controller replacement or you can simply consult the experts.


  • Check the Console’s Hard Drive: Firstly, turn off the console and then detach all the cables. After this slide out the hard drive cover and check the location of the hard drive to make sure that it is firmly secured in place

  • Next, check the HDMI Cable to ensure that it's correctly working: Try altering the HDMI to see whether it works or not. Also, keep a check on the HDMI ports on both the devices your PS4 and the TV
  • Try to Run a Firmware Update on the TV: Once the update is run all the hardware issues will mostly get resolved and then try to reset the TV’s HDMI settings, this could also affect the console’s signal sometimes this is one of the reasons.
  • For any faults also check the Power Supply Connections: To ensure everything is properly working check all the AC power plugs, sockets and also check the main power supply.
  • Execute a Controller Reset: First, connect everything and then press the PS4 button and wait till the LED system light switches to orange.

Then, again press down the same button till the time you see a white system light. Now, you need to reboot your PS4 and check if the problem is resolved or not.

Problem 2: PS4 WIFI problem


In case you are facing an error on accessing the WIFI on your PS4, then try unplugging the router and then after a minute plug it back in. After this delete the existing PS4 connection and then reconnect to your WIFI network. This hack will most probably resolve the issue. Also, check the router location to see whether it's working properly at some other location. Placing the router at a higher location can establish a better connection.


 If you are getting NW-31297-2 PS4 error code after installing the PS4 4.5, then you should try to update 

Problem 3: The issue of PS4 Crashes or Freezes Frequently


If you are encountering this problem then it doesn’t mean that your PS4 is damaged. This might be the result of overheating, faulty firmware, or a network issue. 


The solution to this problem is that your PS4 needs a cool downtime or a reset. Try avoiding hard reset on your console, this can result in crashes. If still, it doesn’t fix the issue try to consult with the experts of Repair my phone today, or also you can check the manufacturer’s support webpage for a bug-fix patch.

Problem 4: Fluctuating Red Indicator Light


This problem demonstrates similarly to that of a blinking blue indicator light. But, in this case, mostly error is occurred because of the overheating caused by a malfunctioning fan


Steps to fix PS4 consoles facing this problem: 

  • For about an hour switch the PS4 console to make it cool down.
  • Make sure to place the PS4 away from other heat-emitting electronics in a well-ventilated space

Problem 5:  Auto disc eject issue or PS4 doesn’t eject at all


This problem is mostly the result of a malfunctioning optical drive. To resolve this error place the console vertically or also you can use a stand for it. This will prevent the console from automatically ejecting the game discs.


If none of the above hacks worked for your PS4 gaming console then it might be the right time to connect with the experts and let them find the root Cause. Repair My Phone Today offers gaming console repair services at affordable prices.  The technician has solutions for all the problems from ps4 battery replacement, PS4 Black Screen Flickers, and solutions for the other PS4 error. Repair My Phone Today is the best place for fixing all your issues starting from PS4, iPhone, laptops, and much more.

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