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Here is a simple guide on How to factory reset your iPhone or iPad:

You will need to factory reset your iPhone or iPad if you are planning on selling your handset and need to clear all your private files or maybe you have been the victim of theft and want to remotely wipe anything valuable on the device. If that’s the case, doing a factory reset is the fastest way to delete everything and start all over again.


Important note to remember before you execute factory reset function on your iPhone or iPad make sure you have backed up everything you want to keep on the iCloud or iTunes.


Apple devices are very keenly encrypted with the toughest settings. This means no software can revive your files once you deleted them.


Apple provides support pages that explain the techniques you can use to back up your iOS device via iCloud or iTunes.


To perform backup on iCloud –


  • Connect to Wi-Fi network
  • Go to Settings
  • iCloud
  • iCloud Backup
  • Click on the back up now option


After you follow these steps your files will be stored on your iCloud account linked to your Apple ID. 

To verify whether the backup process has been successfully completed

  • Go to settings
  • iCloud
  • iCloud storage
  • Manage storage


Here you can check the time and size of your last backup. Now you can go ahead and perform factory reset on your iPhone or iPad.

Another alternative-

  • Open iTunes
  • Connect your device to your pc
  • Enter your passcode
  • Follow the steps
  • choose your iPhone/iPad/iPod
  • The device list appears
  • Click backup now

The simplest way to backup media is by connecting your iPhone or iPad to laptop.


How to Wipe Your Apple iPhone or iPad:


Performing a factory reset will wipe the iPhone and make it new. The wiping process on iOS devices is easy, however, you will need the device passcode, Apple ID and Apple password.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select General option
  • Select Reset
  • Select Erase all content and Setting
  • There will an erase iPhone/iPad warning pop up on the screen
  • Click Erase
  • Enter the device's passcode
  • Enter Apple ID
  • Enter other information when prompted
  • Device will reset
  • After completion of reset, the device will be like a brand new iPhone

How to reset an iPhone or iPad remotely:


If you have lost your iPhone or iPad, did you know any stored data cannot be accessed and you can also remotely wipe your device?

Yes follow the steps below to get peace of mind by clearing all the storage on your device remotely:

  • Go to
  •  Enter your Apple ID
  • Click Find My iPhone.
  • Click on the option All Devices
  • Chose the device you want to erase
  • Click Erase iPhone/iPad


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