Immediate steps to take after laptop water exposure!

Laptop getting exposed to liquid damage is one of the worst nightmares for every computer owner. However, it can happen to anyone, like you are sitting in the office and enjoying a glass of water and accidentally the waterfalls on your laptop.

Though in case of water damage to the mobile user, most mobile users are aware that putting the mobile phone in the bag of rice might do magic if they get exposed to water, do you know what to do with a water-damaged laptop? No doubt, choosing to visit laptop repair Oxford is a reliable option, but it will be best if you take a few steps immediately after spilled water on the laptop.

Computers are one of the essential electronic gadgets compared with cell phones as most youngsters and businessmen work on laptops in their day-to-day lives.

Luckily, there are several ways which you can take immediately to save your computer from liquid damage after your laptop is exposed to liquid damage. Keep on reading.

Save your laptop from water damage


Six quick steps on how to save your Computer from Liquid Damage

Wondering what you can do if you spill water on your computer before taking it to the laptop repair Centre? If you do not want your laptop to get any severe liquid damage, you will require taking action quickly. Here are six notable steps that you can take as soon as the accident happens.

  • Shut down the computer 

Immediately shut down your computer, which limits the likelihood of any circuit damage and can also help save your computer from sorting out. However, also ensure to remove the charging cable from the laptop.

  • Unplug any accessories

If any mouse, keyboard, or external hard drive is connected to your water-damaged computer, then immediately remove the accessory. This also helps in preventing from damaging any external accessories and also keeps your data safe.

  • Invert the affected area

You can also take the effective measure to turn the portion of your computer upside down that has been damaged by the water. For example, suppose you accidentally spilled water on your PC’s keyboard, then you will require flipping it over and taking the help of a book or similar object to prop it up. If your laptop has been exposed to water damage, you will require keeping your computer open and balancing it by turning it upside down on its screen and bottom edge with its keyboard facing downwards. Doing this will allow the water to make its way outside the laptop.

  • Mop up liquid

Use the towel or any absorbent cloth, gently clean any pools of liquid from the laptop. However, pay proper attention to the keyboard and spaces between the keys that water doesn’t make its way inside the spaces of the keyboard.

  • Open the case of the computer to allow it to get dry

If you are using the advanced version of a computer or laptop that grants you to open the case, open the case and allow the water to spill out and dry. There are several computers like Mac laptops that are difficult or sometimes impossible to open; it’s better to connect with the laptop repair centre in such a situation.

If you have to open your computer's case, then leave it for 24 to 48 hours to allow it to get dry before closing it back and turning it on.

  • If the Laptop water damage is severe, Call the Experts

If your laptop is not turning on after following the above five steps, then it means that the water damage is severe, and you need to call the tech repair expert.


A computer repair specialist will quickly determine the damage done to your computer or laptop and will help save your laptop. But, no doubt, severe water damage can ruin the computer completely. That is why it’s essential to connect with repair my phone today if your laptop is severely damaged by water to get the best assistance.

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