Things to know during iPhone parts replacement

Is your iPhone troubling you? Is it not functioning properly? Then it indicates that it requires repairing or some parts need replacements. However, fixing is a tricky process, and before going to a service station, you must know what things you can expect to happen during the replacement process.

Therefore, to help you out, here is a guide for you, letting you know things during iPhone parts replacement.

  1. Replacing home buttons by losing the functionality of Touch Id

Well, the home button is the trickiest thing about iPhone replacement parts. Your whole phone gets access through this button. Therefore, if it stops functioning, then it can make you devastated. Whether you have broken or ripped it, which has led to non-functionality, it will never work like an original. Surely you can replace it with the new home button, but you have lost touch id functionality.

The original home button provides you touch ID facility to make your task easy to access. However, if you swap it, touch ID will stop working. This feature is a factory build, and damaging the cable means losing the ability to use touch ID. However, there is an option like using an assistive touch, but the biometrics purpose will not work as your home button is completely dead.

So, home button replacement is available in all the iPhone models above six but as said, you cannot use the touch ID or fingerprint as it won't work even after you replace the home button. However, if you are having difficulty picking from where you can repair your iPhone, then simply visit Repair My Phone Today as they will provide you with the best quality services.

  1. Replace the Ear speaker unit by losing the face ID

Another iPhone parts replacement fact that you need to know before replacing the ear speaker unit is that your face Id will not function once you repair your ear speaker. This thing is typically for iPhone X or models that are above it. You must know that now Apple has removed the home button on the new models and has installed Face Id in them.

However, when you replace the ear speaker, then the face id, which works due to hardware called a True depth camera system and a proximity sensor and light sensor, loses its functionality. You must know this because you won’t be able to access the phone with the help of a face ID if you have iPhone x or above models.

Therefore, the benefit of replacing ear speakers is that now the speakers of your phone will work more effectively, and the voice will be clearer. But no doubt, if you want it, you need to compromise the face ID of your phone.

The face Id also stops functioning due to the replacement of the ear speaker because the dot projector and infrared diagram surrounded by the ear speaker become disabled and lose functionality due to disintegration. Again, you can visit Repair My Phone Today for iPhone repairs in Oxford if you need professional advice on what to do.

  1. Replacing the motherboard will not recognize the device

If you have lost your phone, can you simply use the 'find my phone' characteristic? This feature is used in the iPhone to ensure that no one can access your phone without your permission. However, you need to know that if you replace the motherboard of your device that it will not recognize the device with the original IMEI number.

It is evident that your phone works on this function only, and all the data of apple Id is available on the motherboard. So once you replace it, you will lose all your data, and the IMEI number will change. Your device links with the motherboard. Even your iphone stores the data due to this, so replacing it means you cannot recognize your phone with the available IMEI number.

Either you need to get the new one or just take care of your phone so that nobody else can use your apple device. However, many iPhone parts replacement shop are available to provide you with the best services. You can visit them and ask for an alternate option.

  1. Screen replacement deteriorates sensor failure

If you have cracked your iphone screen and it is completely damaged, you need to make it replace. However, replacing the screen even with the genuine one will cause sensor failure in all models above the iphone 7.

 There are several other issues that you may notice as well, like disabled light sensors, ineffective screen brightness, or hanging off the phone. Additionally, in some cases, it is seen that after you get your screen replaced, you may not be able to see the true tone feature available in the 'Display and brightness' option.

The final verdict

These are some things you need to know while replacing the parts of your iphone. It is crucial information for replacing the damaged parts; you need to compromise on the features and functionality of your phone. However, when choosing the iphone replacement service, always opt for a reliable and professional provider like Repair My Phone Today.

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