What to Know Before You Try to Replace an Old iPhone Battery?

No matter what gadget you use, it will last you longer. The times have gone when you need to replace your one every single year. Today technology has become so vast that an iPhone you purchased a decade ago still functions quite well.

However, there are chances that your phone's battery has stopped working. In that case, replacing it with a new one is better than buying a new iPhone. It will save you more money. Therefore before you replace your old battery with a new one, there are several things that you must know. First, it will help you to make a great deal.

  • You do not need to spend much.

As you all know, replacing your iPhone's battery with your iPhone will cost you quite less than upgrading your phone. For example, the iPhone 12 battery replacement cost is comparatively lower than buying a new one. But the best part is that if your iPhone is under warranty and your battery has stopped working, you can have it replaced without even spending a single penny. Isn't it a good idea to consider? Of course, it is.

However, if your phone is not in warranty, the iPhone 12 battery replacement price will be around $70. Besides this, if you have a model like an iPhone 6-7-8, the battery replacement amount would be $49. It is way cheaper than buying a new phone for you. Additionally, changing the battery will improve the performance and speed of your phone. Your battery backup will be, and the functioning of all the other parts will increase.

  • You might not take your phone to an apple repair center.

Well, the apple repair center is not located in every corner of the world. They are limited to metropolitan cities. But no matter if you have it or not, you will not take your phone to the apple store. People often criticize these stores and mimic them.


But, it is the fact that they are the reliable source. Nowadays, you can find so many third-party options that can provide you with iPhone 12 battery repair at a lower price. But, even though you visit these stores, they will send you to an additional party. So, for one reason to another, there are no chances you can see the apple store as an option to pick.

There are several reasons behind it; first of all, the pandemic. Due to COVID 19, Apple has restricted the number of customers in their official stores. As a result, few people have the authority to visit the store simultaneously. Besides this, a small proportion of authorized repairing stores in which the company approves to take care of its devices needing repair or replacement.

  • Always ask whether they have the product or not.

Apple isn't perfect in every scenario. However, they have an excellent system to offer to repair if you make an appointment with them. Whenever you visit an apple store, they will let you know whether the replacement product is available to them. For instance, if you want an iPhone 11 pro max battery replacement, they will replace it if they have the product.

They can order it for you to complete the repair in several cases. However, the case is the opposite in some places. There is no guarantee that you will get the same service from other apple repair stores. For instance, there are several cases in which you have made an appointment that the apple authorized to store, and you went there.

If the product is available, they will repair your iphone12, but if they don't have the product, they will not inform you until you visit the store. And even after that, they will say no to the repair. So, in short, whether Apple is authorized or not, whenever you want to visit the store, reconfirm from them on your phone, like ask them what the iPhone 11 pro max battery replacement costs or do you have the replacement product. If they agree on it, then only pay the visit; otherwise, it is useless to go.

  • Don’t take no for an answer.

Whenever you deal with an authorized apple store, it will become hard for you to make sure that you get convinced that your battery is fine. They will not provide you with repair if your iPhone battery is around 87%. The last they can go up to is 80%. However, both these cases are applied for iPhones that are in warranty.

However, since your iPhone is not in warranty, you can ask them to replace your battery. Therefore, they will still make excuses or reasons to refuse the repair. Thus, if your phone is out of warranty and you need to replace your battery, you have complete rights to it no matter their decision. You can visit the store and not let them decide what to do with your phone.


These were some tips before replacing your old battery with the new one. It will help you make wise decisions and let you know how to deal with the authorized apple store.


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